ANY.RUN Threat Intelligence

Malware sandbox leader ANY.RUN introduced the Threat Intelligence Lookup platform that helps security researchers find the relevant threat data from the sandbox tasks of ANY.RUN.

The platform aids in identifying and studying various types of malware by improving the incident response and overall cybersecurity measures.

In a controlled environment, ANY.RUN allows security analysts to execute and analyze suspicious files and URLs safely.

Threat Intelligence Lookup Homepage

Threat Intelligence Lookup

Check millions of IOCs from ANY.RUN’s database for Threat Intelligence with the help of the Threat Intelligence Lookup platform. 

Besides this, it also helps transform the isolated data into a full view of persistent and emerging threats.

It enables the analysis of processes, files, network traffic, and registry actions for a comprehensive understanding of attacks. Access Threat Intelligence Lookup via a user-friendly web interface or integrate it with your security systems using an API.


ANY.RUN Threat Intelligence Lookup

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Threat Intelligence Lookup centralized repository of millions of IOCs extracted from ANY.RUN’s extensive database of interactive malware analysis sessions..

ANY.RUN’s Threat Intelligence Lookup offers linked threat data through an intuitive interface or API integration. Benefit from 1000 fresh entries daily, a 2-second response time, and over 30 search parameters, regardless of your interface choice.

Search for linked IOCs using 30+ search fields

Threat Intelligence Lookup of ANY.RUN enhances compliance and boosts cybersecurity response efficiency by cutting investigation time and effort which helps in maximizing the security ROI.

ANY.RUN’s TI Lookup speeds up research and promptly links the IOCs to threats or malware campaigns.

By spotting and tackling threats early, the ANY.RUN TI Lookup cuts risks while aiding in employee training with a rich knowledge base on malware behavior that fosters skill growth.

Threat Intelligence Lookup – Search Parameters

Here below, we have mentioned all the search parameters:

  • Single IOC
  • Logged event fields
  • Detection details
  • Combined search
  • Wildcard queries

In their interactive malware sandbox, ANY.RUN gathers threat intelligence from 14,000 daily tasks carried out by a community of 300,000+ researchers.

Besides this, the security teams can analyze malware in a cloud environment, engaging with it directly to uncover samples that bypass automated detection.

Access to the latest IOCs from millions of sandbox tasks

Sandbox lets analysts inspect the malware for 20 minutes, which can handle up to 100MB files, and configure custom VPN, MITM Proxy, and FakeNet for Windows/Linux. 

The real-time data it provides to IOCs makes it a top tool for malware analysts contributing to the Threat Intelligence Database.

Direct access to sandbox tasks

The sandbox of ANY.RUN seamlessly links with the Threat Intelligence Lookup. Not only that, but it also identifies an indicator and accesses the recorded sandbox session for real-life malware behavior insights.

ANY.RUN is a cloud-based malware sandbox for SOC and DFIR teams. With advanced features, 300,000 professionals can investigate incidents and streamline threat analysis.

Try all features of ANY.RUN Interactive malware analysis premium access at zero cost for 14 days with a Free Trial.

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