Finland Warns Of New Android Malware That Steals Banking Details

Watch out for harmful Finnish SMS, which tricks Android device users into loading banking malware by dialing a spoofed service number.

It is directed at online banking systems to steal money, whereas iPhones are unaffected. 

Delete such messages, avoid downloading unofficial apps, and if attacked, reach out to your bank right away, then lodge a police report in order to minimize the loss.

Cybersecurity researchers at Traficom, a Finnish cybersecurity firm, recently warned of new Android malware that steals banking details.

Fraudulent texts from companies claim debts or account issues, luring victims to call numbers where they are instructed to download malicious “McAfee” antivirus apps from links – Android malware allowing criminals full device access to steal online banking credentials and funds.


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Legitimate banks and authorities never ask customers to disclose online credentials, make payments, or install uncertified apps over the phone. 

Reject any demands to log in via links, confirm with codes, or provide information over the phone for receiving and canceling payments.


Here below we have mentioned all the recommendations:-

  • If you have used banking applications or entered credit card information on an infected device, contact your bank as soon as possible in order to reduce the extent of potential damage.
  • Resetting the device to factory settings is recommended.
  • It is important to ensure that you restore it from a backup made prior to the installation of the malicious software. If this option is not available, reach out to the seller of your device for further assistance.
  • To prevent unauthorized access to your user accounts that are accessed through the infected device, which could have been compromised by malware, change your passwords.
  • To address the offense and secure recovery, file a criminal complaint with the police concerning any financial losses experienced.

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