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Thales has acquired a prominent cybersecurity company situated in the United States, renowned for its proficiency in data and application security, for a whopping $3.6 billion.

Thales is a remarkable organization that has established itself as a worldwide leader in cutting-edge technologies. Their proficiency covers three areas: Defense & Security, Aeronautics & Space, and Digital Identity & Security.

Imperva is a cybersecurity leader that helps organizations protect critical applications, APIs, and data, anywhere, at scale, and with the highest ROI.

With an integrated approach combining edge, application security, and data security, Imperva protects companies through all stages of their digital journey.

This partnership allows both companies to elevate their business operations. Imperva is focused on expanding its expertise in data security, while Thales is entering the application security market. According to the Thales group, their combined revenue has exceeded €2.4 billion.

Notably, Value Creation for Thale’s Shareholders:

·   To achieve $110 million in cost and revenue synergies on an annual basis.

·   The financial profile of the DIS segment has improved.

·   There will be a significant increase in adjusted EPS in the medium term.

·   Transaction adjusted ROCE3 above WACC in Year 5 post-closing

Financial Targets for Thales DIS:

·   2024-2027 organic sales growth: +6 to +7%,

·   2027 EBIT3 margin to reach 16.5%.

Pam Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, reported,

”Today’s announcement represents an exciting new chapter for Imperva, one that will further our mission to help organizations protect data and all paths to it, bring better protection and strategic value to our customers and partners, and create more opportunities for our team members”.

”We admire Thales’ vision and culture and believe that, together, we can deliver greater product innovation and efficiency through disruptive solutions while helping to simplify the greatest security challenges facing organizations today: protecting digital identities, applications, APIs, and data in any environment, and any industry.”

Thales and Imperva’s partnership is exciting news for the cybersecurity industry. Their collaboration will have a significant impact on three product areas.

·   Identity (Thales),

·   Data security (Thales and Imperva)

·   Application security (Imperva).

Thales is focused on three cybersecurity products and services: Global security products, Sovereign protection products, and a complete suite of cybersecurity services.

The transaction is expected to be finalized by the start of 2024, pending the usual anti-trust and regulatory approvals.

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