SEIKO Data Breach: BlackCat Group Claims Responsibility

The well-known watch manufacturing company Seiko disclosed the data breach notification recently on Aug 2023, targeted by the notorious threat group BlackCat/ALPHV.

BlackCat/ALPHV Group has been active since 2021 and targets multiple firms across the industry. It has been operated as ransomware as a service.

On August 10, the company notified its customers about a data breach after they detected unauthorized access to its server.

Seiko Breach

Seiko Group Corporation is a Japanese-based manufacturing company commonly known as Seiko that manufactures watches, clocks, electronic devices, semiconductors, jewelry, and optical products.

As per the report, the company had experienced anomalous activities on its server and found unauthorized access on July 28.

On Aug 2nd, they immediately called external cybersecurity experts to conduct an investigation and assess the situation.

The audit discovered that possible data had been exfiltrated and that the company and associated Group companies may have been compromised.

 They declared that the team is working closely to prevent further damage and to ensure that our systems are secure against any similar recurrence.

On August 10, the team posted a breach notification on its official portal and apologized to anyone who it may have affected.

The team is still verifying what kind of data was stored on the server was breached.

In addition, they recommend their customers contact us immediately if they receive any strange or unusual emails or notifications purporting to be from us.

On August 21st, the ALPHV group claimed they were responsible for the attack, shared a list of domain names related to Seiko, and declared that they had frozen all 13 of the company’s trusts on the public.

They also shared the Images of internal Outlook email conversations, plans for Seiko’s famed watches, and the passport information Director and Senior Vice President of Seiko Watch Corporation.

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