Kali Linux 2023.3 Released – What’s New!

Kali Linux is a free and open-source Linux-based operating system that is mainly dedicated to fulfilling two prime criteria:-

  • Ethical hacking
  • Penetration testing

In short, this OS, Kali Linux, is one of the most advanced Debian-derived Linux distributions that was originally developed and maintained by Offensive Security.

Offensive Security recently launched Kali Linux 2023.3 with several new mods, changes, and new tools, which bring a multitude of positive effects and benefits to end-users.

Highlights of Kali Linux 2023.3

Kali Linux 2023.3, the new updated version of Kali Linux, brings three key highlights of the changelog since the Kali Linux 2023.2 version, and here below we have mentioned those highlights:-

  • Internal Infrastructure: Major stack changes are underway.
  • Kali Autopilot: The automation attack framework has had a major overhaul.
  • New Tools: 9 new tools were added this time.

Kali Linux 2023.3 New updates and features

The Debian 12 release also prompts Offensive Security to overhaul and streamline its infrastructure and software stack.

Offensive Security introduces ‘mirror-traces.kali.org’ sub-domain in Kali Linux 2023.3 for enhanced troubleshooting.

While the Offensive Security’s Kali Purple in Kali 2023.1 unveiled the ‘Kali Autopilot,’ which is now revamped with a new GUI and extensive features in this latest release, Kali 2023.3.

Automated Attack Generator by Kali Autopilot (Source – Kali)

The Kali Autopilot is similar to ‘AutoPwner,’ which automates attacks based on pre-defined scenarios, initially developed for Kali’s defensive use.

In this new version, the Kali NetHunter app is also updated with a new design and new NetHunter Terminal. Even Offensive Security also added several new updates to the Kali NetHunter kernel, as now it has support for the following devices:-

  • LG V20 for Lineage 19.1
  • Nexus 6P for Android 8.0 (Oreo)
  • Nothing Phone (1) for Android 12 (Snowcone) and 13 (Tiramisu) (new)
  • Pixel 3/XL for Android 13 (Tiramisu)
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 for LineageOS 18.1 (new)
  • Xiaomi Mi A3 for Lineage 20
  • Xiaomi Redmi 4/4X for VoltageOS 2.5

Miscellaneous Updates

Here below, we have mentioned all the Miscellaneous updates:-

  • Added Pipewire support when using Hyper-V in enhanced session mode
  • Added kali-hidpi-mode to support Kali-Purple
  • Improved installation of Kali-Purple by removing the need to run any commands after installing kali-themes-purple
  • Kali-Purple has a purple menu icon!
  • The final reminder about the breaking change with Python 3.12 & PIP

Packaging Tools

Here below we have mentioned all the Packaging tools:-

  • AutoPkgTest
  • Britney2
  • Build-Logs
  • Janitor
  • Package Tracker
  • Packaging CI Overview
  • Upstream-Watch

New Tools

Here below we have mentioned all the new tools that are added in this new version of Kali Linux 2023.3:-

  • Calico
  • cri-tools
  • Hubble
  • ImHex
  • kustomize
  • Rekono
  • rz-ghidra
  • unblob
  • Villain

Packages & Libraries updates

Here below, we have mentioned all the packages and libraries that are updated:-

  • Greenbone
  • Humble
  • Impacket
  • jSQL
  • Rizin
  • Tetragon
  • theHarvester
  • Wireshark

How to get Kali Linux 2023.3?

If you are an existing user of Kali Linux and already using it, then in that case, you can upgrade to the latest version. So, for a quick update, you have to follow the steps that we have mentioned below:-


└─$ echo “deb http://http.kali.org/kali kali-rolling main contrib non-free non-free-firmware” | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list



└─$ sudo apt update && sudo apt -y full-upgrade



└─$ cp -vrbi /etc/skel/. ~/



└─$ [ -f /var/run/reboot-required ] && sudo reboot -f

Once done with the above steps, now you will be on the latest version, Kali Linux 2023.3 and to check that you can proceed with the following steps:-


└─$ grep VERSION /etc/os-release





└─$ uname -v

#1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Debian 6.3.7-1kali1 (2023-06-29)


└─$ uname -r


Moreover, you can visit the official website of Kali Linux to download the latest version of Kali Linux (Kali Linux 2023.3), available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

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