8 Most Popular Global Offshore Resources

In the era of remote work, companies can cut costs on office rentals and optimize team structures. That’s why outsourcing a specialist or hiring an offshore team becomes more popular. And recruiting workers from other countries is often more budget-friendly than hiring in-house employees. 

Moreover, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) offers access to top professionals, which gives your company another competitive advantage. But what are the most popular offshore professionals? Let’s take a look together! 

  1. Call Center Agents 

Positive customer experience is essential for business growth. It increases conversions, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. Once clients have issues with a product or service, they drop an email, message, or call customer support. And, often, they contact impolite or unprofessional support agents, get poorly personalized or too robotic service, or their queries remain unresolved for days. 

Such experiences affect the brand, and, unfortunately, they’re not rare because many companies just can’t afford top-level customer care service. But what if the solution is closer than they think?  What if outsourcing customer support meets and even shifts their clients’ expectations? Hiring a dedicated remote phone support team will provide customers with friendly call center agents, 24/7 availability, and quick problem resolution. 

  1. IT Developers 

Offshore development services are also in high demand because businesses worldwide launch thousands of digital products each year. And with time, IT developers in the USA and Western Europe became a scarce and, thus, costly resource. Meeting this demand, inhouse vs outsource software development companies appeared in Eastern Europe, India, the Philippines, and other countries with low living costs. 

Through outsourcing, tech startups and enterprises that require IT development and support access global offshore resources. And the domain expertise and superior skills of remote IT engineers help businesses adopt digital innovations. However, there are some pros and cons of hiring offshore IT resources.

  1. Digital Marketing Specialists 

Crafting engaging content, ensuring social media presence, running effective ad campaigns help grow traffic to a company’s website. And, the more users are aware of the brand and see its value, the more potential customers turn into existing ones.  However, covering all these tasks and developing an effective digital marketing strategy requires time and effort that business owners usually don’t have. So, outsourcing marketers is a beneficial solution to this dilemma.

  1. Content Writers 

Every business needs catchy and valuable content to grow its brand awareness and attract new customers. So, a proper content marketing strategy generates inbound leads. And the chances are that, with time, these leads will convert into customers. When business owners, product, or marketing managers create content, it’s often ineffective. That’s because professional writers can do that better, faster, and at lower costs. And,  the outsourcing option covers all three, allowing top managers to deal with their direct responsibilities more effectively.   

  1. Lead Researchers

Acquiring new clients and growing revenues are vital for enterprises, so they should constantly find leads. And, usually, sales reps are in charge of lead generation. However, searching for relevant contacts requires specific skills and a lot of time that salespeople can devote to prospecting. A dedicated team of researchers knows how to get your target audience’s contacts and uses advanced AI-based tools to do that effectively. So, outsourcing lead researchers is a worthy option to keep both processes healthy.

  1. Data Labelers

Preparing a training dataset for a machine learning project is tedious. Moreover, it requires time, human resources, and advanced tools. Hiring an in-house team of data labelers for several iterations, as well as keeping a whole department for project work, isn’t cost-effective. But outsourcing a dedicated team of top annotators will let tech companies accurately label images, videos, or text to feed AI algorithms. In addition, data owners can be sure their information remains safe and secure. 

  1. Accountants

Trusting the financial data to third parties is challenging, but it benefits businesses. However, it’s essential to make sure the outsourcing provider is reliable. Top managers can better focus on core tasks once a company outsources bookkeeping, transferring payrolls, preparing financial reports, submitting tax records, and paying taxes. That’s because they can ensure their books are accurate and all financial documents are compliant with current regulations. So, they get no risks at a lower price.

  1. Recruiters

Hiring a new team member involves several tasks like finding, communicating, pre-screening, interviewing, choosing, and finally onboarding candidates. Big enterprises boast a corporate HR department that embraces all of these responsibilities. But if a company needs to open an offshore office and hire local professionals, dedicated recruiters from the same country can source candidates from social media, job portals, and ads more effectively. Especially when they use special software and have an impressive professional network. 

Summing Up

Offshore specialists outsourcing offers several advantages to businesses, especially for small or new companies. Business owners can hire experienced professionals for a limited budget and stay focused on their top priorities. Whether you need an SMM specialist, a software developer, or a call agent for your customer support, offshore resources can have these tasks covered. 

So, your next question is how to manage offshore resources?

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