ZEE5 Hacked – Indian Video Platform Reportedly Hacked by Korean Hackers & Stolen 150GB of Data

Korean hackers had Reported hacked the ZEE5 app and stolen nearly 150GB of data, and more importantly, the hackers are constantly threatening the portal to sell the data on the dark web forums.

ZEE5 is one of the well known Indian streaming services that has nearly 150 million subscribers worldwide.

Moreover, one of the hackers named as Johnn Wick has contacted the Quickcyber and said about the operation that they had stolen the database of the famous streaming service ZEE5.

Hackers Breached ZEE5

One of the members, Kanishk Tagade, of Quickcyber, has reported about the theft and the call they have received about the theft. 

Hackers also gave threat calls and said that they were going to reveal all the data they have breached from the app. So, the main point that has to be noted is that they used the term “email id,” which is generally used for the Indian subcontinent to address an email address.

But, according to the email sent by the hacker, they are actually security experts, and they help various people to fix different bugs, and they have also requested Ethereum for their help. Well, they also said that they had hacked more than 50 Big websites, and they claimed that they have never sold anything. Not only that, even to prove the matter, they have also shared an image of their repositories on bitbucket.org.

While it has not been cleared yet, whether the threat actors are from Korea or not, or they are from some other country. The hackers have also posted some incomplete data from the breached database, like they have secret keys that are used as live source code, indicating their Atlassian board and data from the unsecured AWS bucket.

Apart from this, the hackers have also claimed that they have hacked data of many Indians as well who belong from different Indian states. The last record that was created in the hacked database was dated 24th April 2020, which clearly indicates that the hackers have access to all the subscription information of the recently subscribed users.

Data stole

According to the reports, the data breached by the hackers contains crucial private information that we have mentioned below:-

  • Recent transaction data
  • Subscribers from almost every state in India
  • Email addresses
  • Passwords
  • Mobile numbers
  • Multiple screenshots of the database

From the above image, you can see that all the records are listed under a table which is named as “AXINOM_SUBSCRIPTION_TABLE.”

“We do not manage Zee5 database, nor do Axinom system use the mentioned MySQL database, and we don’t operate or manage Zee5 data services,” said the CEO of Axinom, Ralph Wagner to GBHackers.

Moreover, Ralph Wagner also added that “we will investigate this case and will release a statement as soon as our investigations are complete.”

In this event, the hackers have used “hckindia[@]tutanota.com” to send notifications to the employees of ZEE5 and some Indian newspaper portals about the breach. But, it’s not the first time ZEE5 was attacked by the hackers, as earlier this year, 1,023 ZEE5 premium accounts were compromised on the wild.

Moreover, ZEE5 has not yet responded nor commented about the hack, but, they will soon release a statement regarding this matter.

So, what do you think about this? Share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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