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Xerox Corporation Hacked by Maze Ransomware Operators – Sensitive Files are Encrypted

Recently, the maze ransomware operators have posted a set of 10 screenshots of the Xerox corporation, which clearly affirms that the maze ransomware operators have hacked Xerox corporation.

According to the data that has been posted by the maze operators, they have carried out this operation on 25 June 2020.

The maze operators have encrypted multiple compromised files of the Xerox corporation, as it is one of the well-known corporations of America, which was created in the year 1906.

The Corporation trades on selling print and digital document outcomes and services in more than 160 countries. 

Moreover, Xerox Corporation has more than 27000 employees, and its annual average revenue is more than $10 billion. Right now, it has not yet confirmed the news regarding the breach, as they don’t want to reveal any information regarding this data breach.

The screenshots that were posted by the hackers, there was a snapshot having a ‘warning.’ The warning says that the Xerox corporation has to contact the ransomware operators in 3 days if the Corporation doesn’t contact the hackers, then the data regarding the breach would be posted on Maze public news website.

According to the report, the Maze ransomware operators demanded to have taken more than 100GB of files from Xerox corporation, and therefore they are threatening the company that they will publish the encrypted data if they don’t pay the ransom.

Moreover, if the sufferers of the Corporation will give the claimed ransom, the Maze ransomware operators will definitely remove all the encrypted data from its records, and they will also implement a decryptor to recover all the files as well.

Recommended Mitigations

  • Always prefer a secure and robust password.
  • Always keep activated the multi-factor authentication security system.
  • Keep a regular check up on your financial transactions.
  • Don’t ever share any private information with anyone.
  • Don’t ever share your financial data with anyone.
  • Always keep your PC up to date.
  • Use renowned security tools like Antivirus, VPN, etc..
  • Keep a regular check up on to determine any exposure.

The Maze ransomware operators are one of the leading groups of ransomware, and they always stay active in this period. As recently, they have seized a lot of data from the US military entrepreneur Westech and the ST Engineering organization.

They have published the credit card data captured from the Bank of Costa Rica (BCR), not only this, but they have also threatened them that if they don’t pay the claimed ransom, then the operators will leak all the data publicly.

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