Wi-Fi Router That Detects Malware

Palo Alto Network announced the Okyo Garde security wi-fi router that detects malware. This is the enterprise cyber security solution with a premium mesh that addresses the workplace’s risk with the combination of software, hardware, and office cubicle. In todays’ era, cybersecurity needs to follow workers home. Since Palo Alto Network top security product its shows up all types of hardwires with threat intelligence.

Best for work from home:

In this pandemic situation employee’s homes have become a “branch of one” without an IT team and cybersecurity protection. In this threat, the actor can work as a vulnerable entry point. Many corporate companies are offering corporate networks to bring the secure access service edge experience as a beautiful package.  This network also the advanced security capability, which is mainly designed for home and family needs.

Wi-Fi Router That Detects Malware
Wi-Fi Router with malware protection

Suitable for small businesses:

Due to cyberattack increasing smaller business also has to ensure their security. It also has an app through which they can manage the deposit to get protection from the unparalleled malware, ransomware prevention, phishing protection, suspicious activity monitoring, etc. they provide extra attention by installing 24/7 support or on-site troubleshooting.

They make sure that the enterprise and the small business work from home employees get world-class security, and be ready for whatever will come next.

Pricing and Availability:

In the U.S., there are many pre-order for okyo.com. Pre-order started from the 30th of September 2021, with a minimum cost of $148. Now they are expanding the distribution from Palo Alto Network NextWave partners till the following year. As per the investigation, it is expected that the Palo Alto Network will be available in early 2022.

For more information, ever one can see the special event on okyo.com where the CEO and founder discuss remote work and small business.

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