WhatsApp Fined €225M

Finally, the Data Protection Commission (DPC) has announced the GDPR investigation conducted in WhatsApp Ireland Ltd. This investigation was held on 10th December 2018. This WhatsApp had discharged from its GDPR transparency obligation, which is the provision of the information.

Therefore, Every information is transparent which includes both types of user and non-user WhatsApp service. This type of information provides the data and processes the communication between Facebook companies and WhatsApp. 

As per the lengthy comprehensive investigation, DPC has to submit a draft decision which is concern by the Supervisory Authority, and this is under Article 60 GDPR in 2020 December.

DPC has received the obligations from CSAs where DPC could not able to reach the consensus, and the matter of the objection is to solve and triggered the dispute resolution process on 3rd June 2021.

On 2021, 28th July, as per the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), they have bound the decision notifying DPC. The decision was an explicit instruction regarding DPC to access and increases the proposed fine based on a number of factors. 

Each factor contains the EDPB’s decision which has to be followed by the reassessment. As a result, DPC has imposed a fine on WhatApp of around €225 million.

Few additions, the administrative fine has the imposition of DPC which is imposed to reprimand with an order for WhatsApp to bring the processing into compliance by taking the special remedial actions.

Here EDPB has published the Article 65 decision which is the final decision on their website. Anyone can click and get the circular.

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