COBIT Framework

What is COBIT Framework?

This COBIT Framework is a business orientation that links the business goal with the IT infrastructure to provide the various maturity models. It also measures the achievement to identify the business responsibility of the IT process. It illustrated with the four specific models, are:

  1. Planning and organization,
  2. Support and delivering
  3. Implementation and acquiring,
  4. Evaluating and monitoring.

There is total 34 process which has the specific line and responsibilities. COBIT is in a high position in the business framework, and it is recognized by international standards like CMMI, ITIL, TOGAF, PMBOK, ISO 27000, and TOGAF. It works as a guideline indicator that can merge all types of solutions under the same umbrella.

What are the various components of the COBIT Framework?

  1. Framework: It helps the organization to get into the best practice in this IT process and it organize of the IT governance’s objective so that it can link with the business requirement.
  2. Process Description: This is a reference model which works as a common language in the entire organization. This process includes painting, building, monitoring, running, etc, in the IT process.
  3. Control Objectives: In this, you will get the complete list of the requirements considered for the management to make an effective IT business control.
  4. Maturity Models: This gives the access where every process addresses the gaps, if there are any.
  5. Management Guidelines: After measuring the performance, you can agree on the shared objectives, and you can even assign the responsibilities to illustrate in a better way. Most of the organization which depends on the technology they all look for their needs. COBIT used by the both private and government sectors helps to increase the sensibility of the IT process.
COBIT Framework
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COBIT Framework Structure:

From the starting of the high level, COBIT creates the three-level structure, which compromises few segments:

  1. Business requirements: This is an information criterion that includes integrity, availability, effectiveness, efficiency, compliance, confidentiality, reliability, etc.
  2. IT resources: In this infrastructure, information, application, and people are included.
  3. IT process: This gets divided into the domain process.

COBIT Certification:

The professional who is using COBIT 2019 needs to have the certification to make sure that the COBIT compliance must stay within the organization. For this, there is a total of three options. Those are below:

  1. COBIT Bridge: This is a one-day course aimed at users who are already certified in COBIT 5, and you need to get them up to date on COBIT 2019.
  2. COBIT 2018 Foundation: This is the two-day course that does not require prior COBIT knowledge and culminates the certification examination.
  3. COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation: This is a newly launched. This is the latest version where this certification teaches how to customize the design with the best-fit governance system in your company.

In 2019, August ISACA hosting the governance, which includes risk, control conference, and much more. This hosting provides a pre-conference bridge with the certification process.

Who uses COBIT Framework?

COBIT 2019 is a framework and three types of people are engaged with it directly, those are:

  1. Management: It helps enterprise managers balance the risk and control the investment to ever-change the IT world.
  2. Auditors: COBIT aids authors to realize the acceptable opinion in the assurance, and the subject matter is being audited, which advice to manage through internal control.
  3. Users: These are typically in-house IT employees who engaged with the COBIT principals. It make sure that the external and internal parties will provide the security and control of the IT service.

Everything is officially designated where the business process owners will use COBIT to render more effective service while doing IT processes.

The advantages of COBIT Certification:

It is not only made by the professionals to help in global challenges, but it is also a business IT process that delivers a substantial amount of expertise information:

  1. There are few IT management issues that can affect the organization.
  2. IT governance principal and enterprise have the difference between governance and management.
  3. It can access the way COBIT 5.0 process to help the establishment with the five basic principles with other enablers.
  4. You can discuss COBIT 5.0 with full respect because it refers to the model with a goal cascade.

Who benefited from the COBIT Framework?

All types of professionals who understand the nuances of business management know which IT governance practice can be suitable for them and that will benefit them after using the COBIT framework. Every professional knows about the IT enterprise and its challenges to make the work easier they can use the COBIT Framework and make them bug-free.

Here you will get the list of which professionals are suitable for this technology; those are below:

  1. CIOs/ IT Managers/ IT Directors.
  2. Risk Committee
  3. Process Owner
  4. Audit Committee Members
  5. COBIT 4.1 and earlier users
  6. All type of IT professionals who are in risk, governance, audit, security, and other assurance sector.

If you are related to these professions then COBIT, work like a wonder, and remove every risk factor.

Benefits of COBIT Framework:

COBIT framework can help the organization from all sides; those are below:

  1. It maintains high-quality information so that it can support in all business decision.
  2. COBIT uses IT effectively to achieve the business goal.
  3. It will allow using of the technology so that it can promote operational excellence.
  4. It makes sure the IT risk to manage effectively.
  5. It also ensures that the organization releases their investment into IT.
  6. COBIT achieve compliance with their law and regulation to complete the contractual agreement.

Is COBIT suitable for every enterprise?

Every framework is the best practice for any protocol successful implementation matters to get the exact result that is necessary for the business. Your enterprise can rely on widespread adoption, the right mix of people, data-driven analytics, and much more.

Any changes are not easy for the organization where few key factors of the COBIT can help to improve IT governance and security. Reading the book and taking the certification is not enough. Professional has to implement that for the organization to successfully promote the changes where employees can get the new direction. COBIT always inspired the structure which fits your company’s needs.

Why is COBIT 5.0 is the most celebrated version?

  1. It covers the enterprise from start to end.
  2. It allows stakeholders to meet their needs.
  3. COBIT makes sure a holistic approach for any business decision.
  4. It separates the governance from the management.
  5. This is one of the best applications for the single integrated framework.

Final Thoughts:

This word moves towards several emerging technologies like cloud computing, information security, social media, IT, big data, and much more. Using this, you can manage every data nicely, and the business grows rapidly.

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