What is Secure Web Gateway?

The goal of a Secure Web Gateway is to safeguard users from fraudulent websites and other online risks by filtering and monitoring all incoming and outgoing network traffic.

10 Best Secure web Gateway vendors in 2023

–Perimeter 81





–Barracuda Networks


–Check Point



1. ZTNA for enhanced security 2. Secure remote app access 3. Real-time threat defense 4. Identity-based policies 5. Scalable cloud-native design

What Perimeter 81 Do?

1. Cloud security and web gateway, direct remote internet access. 2. AI-driven threat protection, app control, URL filtering. 3. Data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities included.

What Zscaler Do?

1. Web security, threat intel, sandboxing. 2.URL filtering, malware protection. 3.Cloud-based visibility, scalability.

What Cisco Do?

1.Real-time breach prevention, advanced threat intel. 2.Encrypted traffic inspection, URL filtering. 3.Cloud-based management, multi-layered security.

What SonicWall Do?

1.Cloud-based security, DDoS protection, WAF. 2.Global CDN, advanced threat intel. 3.Zero Trust integration, secure DNS.

What Cloudflare Do?

1. Web security, content filtering, app control. 2. Malware protection, URL categorization. 3. Centralized management, real-time updates.

What Barracuda Networks Do?

1. Advanced threat protection, sandboxing, web filtering. 2. Behavioral analysis, zero-day detection, app control. 3. Cloud-based management, reporting, bandwidth control.

What McAfee Do?

1. Multi-layered web security, app control, URL filtering. 2. Advanced threat prevention, zero-day protection. 3. Behavioral analysis, sandboxing, cloud-based visibility.

What Check Point Do?

1. Cloud DNS security, global threat intel, content filtering. 2. URL categorization, app control, real-time threat detection. 3. Roaming user protection, off-network security.

What OpenDNS Do?

1. Integrated web security, app control, URL filtering. 2. Advanced threat intel, sandboxing, behavioral analysis. 3. Scalable architecture, AI-driven analytics.

What Fortinet Do?