The McCombs School of Business along with the collaboration of Texas Hospital Association launched health care based Cyber Security Certification.

The certificate program launched aiming to reduce the shortage of cybersecurity talent in all industries, specifically in the medical field. The unique certification program is supported by the Texas Hospital Association, CynergisTek, and Clearwater.

According to McCombs, the degree program will ” rapidly equip individuals with the knowledge, leadership skills, and problem- solving competencies needed to manage risk in healthcare environments.”

The degree program lets students gain depth of “knowledge to holistically assess, identify, respond to, and mitigate risk in healthcare organizations.”

The program is based on real-world simulations and aimed to provide hands-on exposure to current and future trends of Cyber Security.

The course was “developed and taught by cross-sector experts in healthcare privacy and security and experienced healthcare technology educators, program graduates will be prepared to meet the strategic needs of healthcare organizations, vendors, and governmental agencies.”

Following are the topics covered

  • Core Healthcare and Privacy & Security Knowledge
  • Processes to Ensure Organizational Safety and Security
  • Practical Applications of Healthcare Privacy and Security
  • Policies and Governance in Healthcare Entities
  • Enterprise Risk Management and Leadership in Healthcare

Cyber Attacks Over Health Care

Cyber Security emerges as a key issue for all types of business, the number of US healthcare organizations subject to a ransomware attack. These cyber-attacks froze the entire infrastructure and even denies doctors from accessing patients.

The ransomware attacks are on the rise, in the last year alone 140 targets such as local governments and health care providers have been reported are affected with a ransomware attack.

Healthcare industries emerge as the primary target for a ransomware attack, several hospitals paid ransom to survive in the ransomware attack.

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