Ukraine Government Indict Russia for The Recent Cyber Attacks

The Ukraine government has recently accused Russia of all the cyberattacks that are executed on several agencies of Ukraine. That’s why in a joint collaboration the following departments are continuing their investigation on the government websites and agencies:-

  • The State Special Communications Service
  • The Security Service of Ukraine
  • The Cyber ​​Police of Ukraine

Why Russia is being accused? As all the evidence indicates that Russia is conducting a hybrid war and not only that even Russia is actively building forces in the following sections:-

  • Information & Technology
  • Cyberspace

To shake up the political situation in countries like United States, Ukraine and cyber-troops of Russia are actively working. And not only that even the recent study points that since 2014 Russia’s manifestations of hybrid war against Ukraine have been going on.

Behind these operations, the only motto of the attackers is to intimidate society and destabilize the situation in Ukraine, and to do this targeting the public sector is one of the best solutions.

They execute their attacks by exploiting the vulnerabilities present in the critical information infrastructure by throwing the malicious payloads.

On successful exploitation, the attackers drained all the essential information and personal data from the affected systems of the compromised networks of the Ukraine government.

Here they don’t store any personal data of Ukrainians since they place the data in the appropriate registers to keep them protected. In short, at this point, between information from state registers and the user, the application works as a “bridge.”

Types of Data Stored

Here we have mentioned below the types of data stored:-

  • Medical information, including COVID certificates.
  • Data on RNOKPP are stored in the register of the State Tax Service.
  • Demographic data – in the Unified State Demographic Register.

However, the Ukrainian government has urged all the citizens to not get panic about the current situation, as all their personal data is protected, and will not be exposed.

Apart from this, they have also assured that in several mediums the existence and the battlefield for the security of the state fib like:-

  • Military
  • Diplomatic
  • Historical
  • Now the digital

At this moment it’s being claimed that the Ukrainian government and other cybersecurity experts from different agencies are working together to counter the threat and neutralize the enemy unitedly.

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BALAJI is an Ex-Security Researcher (Threat Research Labs) at Comodo Cybersecurity. Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder - Cyber Security News & GBHackers On Security.