U.S Hartford Public Schools Postpone The School Opening Due to Ransomware Attack

Recently, Hartford Public School has postponed the school opening due to a ransomware attack. The school officials asserted that the opening of the school had been postponed, and there will be no in-person or online class on Tuesday, September 8. Due to this cyberattack, the students in Hartford will be going back to school on Wednesday. 

Hartford Public School is one of the largest schools in the state. Since it’s the state’s largest school, that’s why the district has chosen to perform all its measures safely and quickly figure out the range of the attack. 

In reality, this ransomware is a very simple malware or ill-disposed software that is often addressed by an email that resembles to be legitimate.

Legitimately, it tricks the person into clicking on a link or downloading an adjunct file, and once the download is done, the malware gets into your computer. Then, it starts encrypting files and folders on the affected PC with an anonymous encryption key.

Due to the ransomware attack, the first day of school was postponed. That’s why the school officials have been informed by Metro Hartford Information Services (MHIS), and they claimed that their City of Hartford assigned a services team that handles their network infrastructure.

They informed the officials regarding the ransomware virus created an outage of critical systems, and the recovery of those systems are not complete yet. This involves the system that demonstrates their transportation routes to their bus company, and it prevents the capacity to operate schools on Tuesday. 

According to the reports, the restoration efforts for the interested systems proceeded on Tuesday morning, and luckily all data were fully restored by Tuesday afternoon, just before 5 PM.

The reports also affirmed that the students had sent the student back, as they were expecting nearly 4000 students. Moreover, the school officials have canceled the online classes as the system has been hacked, and the officials have appointed the FBI who recovered all the compromised data successfully.

Moreover, the school officials have sent a letter to all the staff and family of all students to notify about this ransomware attack, and here’s the letter sent by the official is mentioned below:-

“Dear Families and Staff,

We regret to notify you that we must postpone the opening of schools. There will be no in-person or online class on Tuesday, September 8. Thus, we wanted to provide you with an urgent update about the influence on our systems. 

We have been notified by Metro Hartford Information Services (MHIS), our City of Hartford, shared services team that maintains our network infrastructure, that the ransomware virus produced an outage of interpretive systems and all the restoration of systems are not complete yet. This comprises the system that communicates our transport routes to our bus company, and it is hindering our ability to operate schools on Tuesday. 

Everyone at Hartford Public Schools was waiting to welcome back our excellent and capable students in person and remotely. We will contribute all updates when we have further information regarding the attack to share.

Apart from all these things, Baltimore and Atlanta were also hit by the disabling attacks. And in these types of attacks, the hackers gain unauthorized access via the malicious link sent via phishing emails.

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