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Twitter Patched a Critical Vulnerability That Allows Attackers to Access the Direct Messages

Recently, Twitter has detected a vulnerability in Android, affecting OS versions Android 8 and Android 9. The security experts at Twitter have found a very critical vulnerability that allows attackers to get access to direct messages. 

This severe vulnerability exposes private data like Direct Messages if an attacker utilizes it by a malicious app. Around 96% of peoples use Twitter on a daily basis, and it also includes all famous celebrities. 

Apart from this, 96% of users who are using the Twitter app for Android already have a security patch installed on their devices that helps them to keep their devices safe and secure from this type of vulnerability

But there are still 4% who will get affected by this kind of vulnerability, which may have bad consequences. To keep all its Android app users safe, Twitter has updated its Android app to secure external apps that can’t access its in-app data. 

Not only this, but it also sent in-app notifications to those who got affected and who required them to renew their app to the most advanced or the latest version. 

Moreover, they also agreed to acknowledge “changes to our methods to better guard against issues like this.” This vulnerability has given them a really bad time, as recently, some high-profile celebrity accounts on Twitter have faced the Bitcoin scam hack. 

Mitigations Recommended by Twitter

To keep the users accounts safe Twitter has provided some mitigations to the users, and recommended them to follow it properly; here are they mentioned below:-

  • Remember to update the Twitter app for Android, to make sure that external apps can’t obtain Twitter in-app data by attaching extra security precautions ahead of the standard OS protections.
  • Asking anyone that may be influenced to update the Twitter app for Android.
  • Twitter is sending in-app notifications to each and everyone who could have been vulnerable to let them know if they require to do anything regarding this matter.
  • Acknowledging contrasts to their processes to enhance the security systems, and completely guard against issues like this.

Twitter is always mentioning that to keep themselves safe, every user must update to the most advanced version of Twitter for Android on all Android devices that the user uses to access Twitter.

This issue did not affect Twitter for iOS or on the main domain, “” But, Twitter claimed that there are no strong evidence that proves this vulnerability, as their investigating team is still trying to figure this whole concept to keep all the accounts of the users safe and secure.

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