The role of social media in shaping students’ attitudes towards education

Social media has always been a controversial topic. One would say that this is a time-wasting activity that brings absolutely no value and does not benefit anything. Another,is that this is an amazing tool to be used and explored in different ages and might have a direct positive influence. The following subject is especially highlighted for young people. They can more easily get overwhelmed with too much information shared on social media which may affect real life. Young students are the ones we notice more often scrolling through the Facebook feed nonstop. It is not necessarily bad. Sometimes one might use it to find classmates and share a project or get up-to-date information regarding a particular topic or situation in another country. But what is the balance here? Is there only one way for this: either delete your profiles and close it forever, or use it to the fullest 24/7? 

Social media and studies

It is not a wonder that there is a huge gap in generations between us and our parents. One of the milestones is the usage of social media and devices in general. If we imagine a modern student, the first thing that comes to mind is a young person sitting next to a laptop browsing the Internet. It is easy to believe that every time a person opens her phone – it is to scroll through a social media feed and this is not something that seems very productive. But this is more of a stereotype.

 Social media is one of the things that can be very useful for studies. This is the platform where you can connect with classmates discussing the topic from classes and connect in general. This is where you can find the most accurate information on what is going on in the world and use it for your homework. Another thing to check out is social media essays for students for more information on how beneficial it can be for studies. Of course, it might have a harmful influence since sometimes students can use it as a hideout from real life, especially if anything bad happens. Young people in college are still very psychologically vulnerable and tend to overreact.

 But social media might also save you from something like that. This is the platform to get distracted, to find your community, to explore what you study more efficiently and with a larger variety of people from all over the world. Wouldn’t it be great to use such a powerful tool while you are still young and have a life ahead of you? 

Where did social media come from? 

Social media are online communities gathered around specific topic or topics on a particular website. It is indeed similar to regular social interactions like groups, communities, etc, however, it does not have a geographical distance. The first social media-like website was created in the 90s a few decades ago. The created websites were established to mostly unit people for business purposes. As it was developing, creators noticed that people tend to communicate with other strangers and after that appeared social media which connected people based on interests and specific topics. Some of them were closed clubs, but some were very open for everyone interested to join. The popular social media Facebook was created shortly after. It was not planned as a Facebook we can see it now: with the feed of news, messenger, groups, etc. It was initially created as a platform where you can compare two pictures of different people and define who is hotter. As it got popular, people wanted to chat about that and the platform’sevolution to the one we can use and enjoy now. 

To sum up, social media is a subject matter we could argue about for a very long time. It is very controversial considering the fact how flexible it is and how differently we can all use it. 

The point is – it can really be beneficial. This is a platform that could bring you friends, new knowledge, and sometimes even money. It can also bring you procrastination, and anxiety about other people’s lives that might seem better than yours. However, as with everything in our life, the dose matters. Social media is something that can be very harmful to both the studies and the person’s life. But it doesn’t have to. You are the one who is in charge and can control the amount of social media consumption. Like in many cases, financial empires could be built thanks to social media. It is much easier to meet your target audience and have a better understanding of what they need. The most important thing is to remember – you are the one that chooses to be influenced, not the other way around.

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