The Best Proxy Providers: A Comprehensive Review

The proxy server market rises every year, and there are countless proxy providers with various offers. Whether you want to tweak SEO practices, scrape keywords and URLs or just visit websites with an increased level of anonymity, you should be careful when choosing a proxy server.

People use proxies for a wide variety of goals, and some are not so noble. For example, with a quality proxy, you can run social media campaigns and increase engagement with the benefit of different IP addresses. If you want to test your website or company network security, you can use proxies for Legal DDoS and Server Load Testers. Some users also use proxy to enable SSL encryption for multiple websites to avoid purchasing certificates for each domain.

Whatever you’re planning with a proxy, it’s essential to find a reliable provider. The first thing to know is you shouldn’t rely on free proxy providers because they can deal more harm than it’s worth. Tracking your traffic, an incredible amount of ads and other harmful practices can make you regret using free proxies.

To find out which are the best proxy providers, we assembled the list of most respectable players in the proxy business. Here are our favourites with their advantages and disadvantages.

Bright Data- a contender for best proxy providers

Luminati Proxy Networks is the notable name on the proxy market and now goes by the name Bright Data. You can choose proxies in various categories, from mobile to residential to data centre services.

The latter is somewhat expensive and is not as popular as the other two services. On the other hand, bright Data offers secure and one of the fastest services available. This provider has over 72 million IP addresses, and you can check the service via a seven-day free trial. Luminati has its proxies in all countries, and along with probably the most significant proxy network, you can use it for scraping.

Bright Data has a Chrome extension for easier utilization. However, all these features come with a price, and you can definitely find a cheaper solution. Another con is limited bandwidth use, and if you’re not familiar with proxies, using Bright Data can be challenging.

Smartproxy is among the best residential proxies

For years Smartproxy has been considered as the best bang for the buck. It comes with flexible pricing, and all from small companies to global corporations can find their service plan. In addition, Smartproxy focuses on residential IPs, and you can use a data centre proxy from the USA.

Smarproxy has servers in 195 countries and can account for over 40 million IP addresses. But, perhaps, most appealing is software support in the form of Firefox and Chrome extensions and apps like X Browser and Smart Scraper.

Smartproxy covers most use cases and has easy integration. On the other hand, you have limited bandwidth for all pricing plans, and there is no free trial.

Oxylabs is one of the best rotating proxies

Oxylabs is a proxy provider with premium features and a high premium price for its advanced capabilities. With over 100 million residential IP network addresses, it has the quantity to match the quality of the service.

High success rate and advanced tools like Next-Gen Residential Proxies can extrapolate data with artificial intelligence and machine learning tech. Oxylabs is available in all countries and most cities. To get the best service, Oxylab has a dedicated account manager and 24/7 live support.

Soax as the top mobile proxy provider

Instagram entrepreneurs are familiar with the robust capabilities of Soax, a proxy provider that has residential and mobile proxies. You can take the whole package or opt for one of the two services. However, when it comes to mobile proxies, Soax is the name because of the enormous mobile proxy pool.

Mobile proxy servers are constantly monitored, with new IP addresses added or removed if compromised. Soax’s second biggest benefit is extremely flexible payment plans with Instagram friendly services.

More than acceptable connection speed, support for 120 countries, and ease of use are Soax proxy’s strong sides, while high latency and short limited free trial are things the company can work on.

Shifter offers unlimited bandwidth

While other proxy providers charge based on bandwidth use, Shifter offers unlimited bandwidth out of the gate. As a result, the Shifter is excellent if you need a residential proxy without worrying about data usage. Still, at the same time, this provider offers slower speeds when compared to other premium proxies.

The Shifter has more than 31 million IP addresses worldwide, and it is an excellent choice for most use cases. However, although it has reasonable pricing and a vast IP address pool with above average location support, it comes with some restrictions, including access to Amazon. The other notable con is slow customer support.

Other notable premium proxy providers

MyPrivateProxy is a popular service provider that focuses on the datacentar proxy service and has lightning fast dedicated IPS. Stormproxies has a relatively small IP pool size, but you should check it out if you are looking for budget rotating proxies providers. Other notable proxies are Blazing Proxies, The Social Proxy, Instant Proxies, and Proxy-cheap.

Bottom line

With so many proxy providers on the market, selecting the optimal one is challenging. Knowing all the use cases you will need will make it easier to pick the best proxy provider. Premium providers can offer invaluable tools for a knowledgeable SEO expert, marketeer, and other proxy users.

You will get reliable, excellent location support and a huge IP pool with top proxy providers. Most of them can cover all use cases, but some are better as mobile, residential, or rotating proxies.