Spyware Provider “LetMeSpy” Shuts Down After Hacker Deletes Server Data

On June 21, 2023, hackers broke into LetMeSpy’s servers and stole private data.

Following the hack, the attackers were able to obtain unauthorized access to email addresses, telephone numbers, and message content stored within the affected accounts. Our previous article provided coverage of this incident.

LetMeSpy is an Android phone monitoring app that is marketed for parental control or employee monitoring. 

It has the feature of staying hidden on the phone, making it difficult to identify and remove.

Once installed on a smartphone, it discreetly uploads SMS messages, call logs, and location information to its servers, allowing the person who planted the app to track the person in real-time.

LetMeSpy Service Shutdown

In a notice on its website (www.letmespy[.]com), the company confirmed the “permanent shutdown” of the spyware service and that it would cease operations by the end of August. 

The Polish firm said it had taken the necessary steps to block user account access as well as disable login and signup options.

Users who hold their data with LetMeSpy are advised to contact the company at [email protected].

A further review of the leaked information by TechCrunch has revealed that the data dates back to 2013, when LetMeSpy became operational.

LetMeSpy’s website claimed it had controlled more than 236,000 devices before the data breach.

Most of the victims are in the U.S., India, and parts of Africa.

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