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What is Security Onion, an Open Source Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Tool

Security onion is an open-source that does the intrusion detection system (IDS), log management solution, monitoring, etc. It also helps to peel back the security layers of your enterprise.

It has many security tools, including Fleet, CyberChef, Playbook, TheHiva, Kibana, Suricata, Elasticsearch, and much more. Usually, it gets downloaded more than 2 million times and is used by all security teams who monitor and defend the enterprise. This is a very easy-to-use setup allowing you to build the army to distribute the enterprise’s sensor.

Security Onion also Includes few tools, such as,

  1. Squert: It is a web application that gets used for the query and views the event date. It also alerts the IDS data and gets stored in squil database. It adds the extension with the visualization, which includes time series. It also gets integrated with Capme.
  2. Snort: This is a very lightweight intrusion detection system.
  3. Zeek: It has another name called Bro, and it not only an open-source platform and helps for network security monitoring.
  4. CyberChef: This is one of the best web applications, which is around 300 operations which is quickly provide encoding, encryption, the conversation of different data, etc.
  5. Sguil: It makes things in the console so that it can provide the visibility to capture the data. This includes GUI which pulls the data together from Snort, Wazuh, and Suricata. It also provides an important context as an alert where you can get more details to analyze it. It has collaboration features where you can work as a team member if any problem comes.
  6. Kibana: It has the folk who works at Elastic. This type of tool helps pull the log so that every data gets together into a single pane in the events.
  7. Capme: It allows you to view the PCAP transcripts so that users can download complete PCAP files.
  8. NetworkMiner: This is the network forensic analysis tool that mainly detects things like open ports. It can be used to parse the PCAP file for any offline analysis.

When you must use the Security Onion?

Security onion identify few areas which are suited for this; those are discussing below:

  1. As a learning tool: This works in an evaluation mode is used for the configuration of the network interface.
  2. PCAP forensics: This type of file is mainly used for the packet-sniffing, and it transmits things across the network with data network characteristic analysis.
  3. As a production server: This works is both distributed and standalone.
  4. Analyst VM: This is the virtual machine that allows analysts to perform digital forensics.
  5. To populate SIEM: It works as a connection of the external SIEM system.

How does the Security Onion Work?

Are you confused about how it will work? This is the center of Kibana which has a huge load of different types of whistle and bell which including Wazuh fork. This is an open-source host-based intrusion detection system, and both are work for Suricata and Snort rile network. It is a driven network that does intrusion detection like Bro.

Logstash gathers everything in one log and Elasticsearch the files so that it becomes effective and accessible. Kibana will also allow analyzing the visualize, and through that, you can see what’s happening from your Security Operation Centre. Kibana helps to incorporate the security that pivot the full packet and dive the points to presumed the security.

how security onion works

This is the ton of information that gets burrow through loCs. It accompanies the Sguil and all examiners will see one spot (Wazuh, Snort, Suricata, etc. )where they are getting permitted into the pertinent packet catch.

Everyone has alternatives to make the loss of paralysis. This is a flaunts that is very simple to utilise the wizard setup which permits you to assemble the multitude to dispersed the sensors that can be undertaken in minutes.

With all the respects, Security Onion will pay attention to the documentation so that security can observe the interaction and spend lot of cash.

This correlation and automation can improve the knowledge and get aid for figuring out the positivity and noxious pointer. This documentation states there is no tread for human awareness and its intelligence, and it certifiably not the silver shot which you can set up for the sense of security.

Is Security Onion For You?

When we talk about developers, then security onion gives them a universal panacea for security. Here administrator needs to do work with the system to get the maximum result. If the same thing a professional does, they need the experience and knowledge so that they can completely analyze the alert and take the action based upon the information. It’s a hacking box that gets used to carrying the penetration testing all over the network.

Moreover, most of security professionals prefer to make their “roll their own”. This is the version where you can create a mix and match security toolset, and work for them. Since different network provides the different solution, you need to select the reviewed open-source network security tool.

Depending on the distro, you need to select the security and professional has to take up the task. If you want a tester for an ethical hacker, then Kali Linux is the best choice for you. If you need to monitor a variety of network traffic and events, then Security Onion can be one of the best helpful tools.

Final Thought

It is suggested that since it is accessible as a customer, you can do the trial once before you finally work with it. We hope this article will do the needful. The tool can be downloaded from GitHub.

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