Kilos a new dark web search engine to filter the products from numerous dark web websites. The Kilos is a product-specific search engine that allows users to filter based on their requirements.

The search engine currently indexing more than 427,150 posts, 48,437 listings, 1,993 vendors, 169,912 reviews from 5 markets and 4 forums.

Product Specific Search – Kilos

The product-specific search is not a new idea, there is already some search engines that exist such as Grams which is using the same concept.

Etay Maor, CEO of IntSights said that Kilos and Grams shared the same similarities, but they are not coincidental and they both mimic Google design.

When compared to other search engines, Kilos went a step ahead to integrate include forums in addition to the underground markets.


With kilos, you can filter based on payment methods, markets, shipping destination, and origin as well as the display currency.

Kilos shows the right products based on the queries provided and they also provide a choice to select the products between markets. So the user only needs to create an account with the market they like to get from.

Some users tend to use their email passwords for account creation’s which is a bad practice that needs to be avoided. Maor warns that dark web admins are checking the passwords against your email accounts.

He added that “immediately after account creation he had a warning that someone had tried to access my email account. There is no honor among thieves.”

It also lists the popular search terms, here you can find the last week search results.


The dark web forums are not reachable through normal browsers, they will be accessible through browsers such as Tor. The search engine was announced by its developer on November 15, 2019, on Reddit.

Also last month a new version of OnionShare Let Anyone host Anonymous Dark Web Sites and also they can “Share Files” and “Receive Files”.

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