Project Sandcastle – Now You Can Run Android in iPhone

Well, if you are really interested in iPhones and Android smartphones, then you must have heard the name, David Wang, as he discovered a way to manage the Android on an iPhone 3G, 10 years ago. 

Now according to the latest reports, he and his crew at cybersecurity startup Corellium have published a hack that allows you to install Android on an iPhone 7.

They designate their work “Project Sandcastle” because the team inscribed on their website, Sandcastles and not only that, even they have provided a chance to produce something new from the endless bounds of your creativity.

Project Sandcastle states that it can be difficult to port Android almost as quickly without the help of Corellium’s iPhone virtualization platform.

As it takes us back to Apple suing Corellium; the latter’s software enables you to virtualize iPhones on a PC in sequence to run tests and obtain security vulnerabilities outwardly bricking an original device.

What’s Currently Supported With Project Sandcastle

There are a few significant features with installing and managing Android on your iPhone, and the major functions are like Bluetooth, Audio, Cellular connectivity, and Camera that do not work.

Thus, from our knowledge, Project Sandcastle also cannot export a build of Android with GMS (Google Mobile Services) involved, and there seems no way like a custom recovery to run it individually either. 

Hence, you can’t obtain any Google apps like the Play Store or control apps that rely on GMS functions. Thus, Android installation itself is not constant either, so you can easily lose your data and your Android OS when you do the reboot. But there is a plus point; that is, you can easily reboot back into iOS when you require your phone to be a phone or iPhone, of course, with iOS. 

“But the biggest challenge was that the tech giant Apple’s hardware is both undocumented and nonstandard,” As Wang explained the well-known media portal, Forbes. “Our team understands more about it than most outside Apple, but we yet had to put in a substantial amount of work to create operators for it.”

Project Sandcastle “beta” has been released right now, and the status page draws a picture of a remarkably quick release. The iPhone 7 build is considerably along, and while the page states that the CPU, storage, display, and touchscreen works, things like the GPU, camera, Bluetooth, audio, and cellular do not.

Thus there is enough work needed to boot up, but we can’t demand a lot of functionality. Hence, the status page goes from the iPhone 6 to the 11 Pro, but most builds don’t have storage entrance, and many are evading a working display. So, ultimately, it is clear that, yet, there is lots of work to complete.

This project has only been started for “less than a month,” as per the site. To ought a functional beta out in that whole of time is effective, so hopefully, we’ll perceive more progress shortly. You can see find the source code of this project Sandcastle here

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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