Pepsi Bottling Ventures Hacked – Personal Information Exposed

Pepsi Bottling Ventures was founded in 1943 and is the largest Manufacturer, Seller, And Distributor Of Pepsi-Cola Beverages.

On January 10, 2023, the company learned that attackers gained access to their Internal IT systems.


Further investigation reveals that attackers accessed the systems on December 23, 2022, and installed Backdoor on the It systems.

By implanting a backdoor they may gain access to the system remotely and can control system resources, perform network reconnaissance, install malware, and exfiltrate data.

The company said, “they took prompt action to contain the incident and to secure the systems.”

While we continue to monitor our systems for unauthorized activity, the last known date of unauthorized IT system access was January 19, 2023, reads the notification letter.

Pepsi Bottling Ventures also reported the incident to law enforcement and continued further investigation.

Following is the Information Exposed

According to Pepsi’s internal investigation so far, the following are the data exposed;

  • Full name
  • Home address
  • Financial account information (including passwords, PINs, and access numbers)
  • State and Federal government-issued ID numbers and driver’s license numbers
  • ID cards
  • Social Security Numbers (SSNs)
  • Passport information
  • Digital signatures
  • Information related to benefits and employment(Medical Insurance)

To thwart the incidents in the future the company to take implement additional security measures on the network and enforce password policies.

Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC is conducting a thorough review of the potentially affected records and systems. The safety of your personal information is of the utmost importance to us.

Data breaches are a nightmare to handle. The best way to deal with them is to first reduce the probability of such an attack happening.

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Gurubaran is a co-founder of Cyber Security News and GBHackers On Security. He has 10+ years of experience as a Security Consultant, Editor, and Analyst in cybersecurity, technology, and communications.