Many of you may have ever met the trouble of getting your iPhone locked or disabled because of entering the wrong passcodes several times. Except for this problem, actually, there will be many unexpected situations when you need to remove iOS locks, such as the screen lock or iCloud activation lock, and even Apple ID, and so on.

So after trying several iPhone unlocking software downloaded from the Internet, I have chosen and tested a well-known one, Passvers iPhone Unlocker and now introduce it with details to show you if it is good to use. If you are also planning to solve any iOS lock troubles, this review may help.

Passvers iPhone Unlocker Basic Information

Instead of a mobile app, Passvers iPhone Unlocker is supported on both Windows and Mac systems. You need to connect your iOS devices to the computers to process iOS lock removal with this software.

Passvers iPhone Unlocker originally supported bypassing those very basic locks on iOS devices, like screen locks, Apple IDs, and screen time passcodes only. But the software never ends its step in improving its functions. Now, except for these basic lock bypassing abilities, Passvers iPhone Unlocker also added the iCloud activation lock removal feature in 2022, and later MDM profiles as well as iTunes encryption lock removal functions in 2023. With one piece of software, you can solve almost all problems related to iOS locks. In the future, Passvers iPhone Unlocker will keep on enhancing its functions to bring users more efficient and stable services.

Passvers iPhone Unlocker Features

With a powerful unlocking ability, Passvers iPhone Unlocker’s lock removal feature can be used to help fix many sudden situations. For example, when you enter the wrong passcodes several times to get your iPhone locked, the Face ID or Touch ID does not work to unlock the screen for you. You just bought a second-hand iPhone but can’t activate it because of the iCloud activation lock. The software can help you bypass all of them just by several easy clicks.

In the following, check the most important functions of the software.

Unlock iPhone Passcode

Passvers iPhone Unlocker can deal with different types of screen locks, and work under different situations. No matter if you get your iPhone disabled, forget about the passcodes, or the device is damaged and results in the Face ID or Touch ID not working, the software can help you remove the digital passwords, Face ID, and also Touch ID to unlock the device with just one click.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

iCloud activation lock will be turned on when the Find My feature is enabled, and you will need to unlock it when factory reset the device. If you just buy a second-hand iPhone but the iCloud activation lock still exists, using this software and follow introductions to do several clicks, the lock can be removed immediately.

Remove Remote Management

If your iOS devices are encrypted with MDM profiles, you may be monitored by others like your companies, schools, or individuals. Under such a situation, Passvers iPhone Unlocker can help you remove all of them at once at high success rate. No matter if devices work properly or those disabled ones, the software can work to help.

How to Use Passvers to Unlock iPhone Passcode

Here, I used my own iPhone 7 and installed Passvers iPhone Unlocker on Windows to show you how to unlock iPhone screen lock with the software quickly and smoothly.

Step 1. Connect iPhone with Computer

Firstly, you need to use a USB cable to connect your iPhone with the computer. Meanwhile, install Passvers iPhone Unlocker and open it to prepare.

Step 2. Scan iPhone

When the software is opened, select “Wipe Passcode” and then click “Start” to let it scan your iPhone. The device information will show up after scanning for you to double check.

Step 3. Install Firmware

Next, Passvers iPhone Unlocker will guide you to install firmware to unlock iPhone screen. Don’t worry, because the process is so easy and you only need to follow the instructions to process it with only one click.

Step 4. Unlock iPhone Screen Lock

When the firmware is installed now, you only need to enter “0000” as authorization, then click “Unlock” and Passvers iPhone Unlocker will begin wiping the screen lock for you.

The whole device scanning and lock-removing process only took me several minutes. And it was fluent without getting stuck in the middle. The experience of using Passvers iPhone Unlocker is friendly and good.

Pros and Cons of Passvers iPhone Unlocker

In conclusion, I discovered that Passvers iPhone Unlocker contains both pros and cons when using its unlocking function. Here are some of them:


  • Offers user-friendly UI and is easy to control
  • Contains all unlocking functions allowing you to deal with different problems inside the software only
  • Ensures high success in removing iOS locks without any errors
  • Supports processing different iOS device models and also the latest iOS systems


  • The software is not for free and you need to pay at least USD 35.95/month to use its unlocking functions (but it is still the most economical one among so many competitors)
  • The SIM card unlocking function is not supported at present

Bottom Line

To conclude, my experience of using Passvers iPhone Unlocker is good, because it does offer friendly services and helps me wipe screen lock is a quick, stable, and safe way. So I would recommend this software if you also meet the similar problems resulted from iOS locks like me.