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Ghosttoken - Zero-Day

Ghosttoken – Zero-Day Flaw Lets Attackers Gain Access to Google Accounts

Astrix's Security Research Group reported a 0-day flow in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) related to an OAuth flow exploitation. This method was termed...
Second Google Chrome Zero-Day Bug Actively Exploited in Wild – Emergency Update!

Second Google Chrome Zero-Day Bug Actively Exploited in Wild – Update Now!

Recently, Google released an emergency security update to fix another Chrome zero-day vulnerability actively exploited in the wild. This zero-day flaw has been tracked...
Chrome Zero-Bay Bug

New Google Chrome Zero-Day Bug Actively Exploited in Wide – Emergency Update!

Google released new security updates for actively exploited Chrome zero-day vulnerability that allows attackers to execute an arbitrary code to take complete control of...
Hackers Windows Zero-day

Hackers Exploited Windows Zero-day For Ransomware Attacks

Microsoft recently fixed a zero-day vulnerability that threat actors exploited to gain unauthorized privileges in the Windows Common Log File System (CLFS). The cybersecurity analysts...
Apple Zero-Days

Apple Zero-Days Exploited to Hack iPhones and MacOS

Recently, two new zero-day vulnerabilities were identified and exploited in the wild to compromise Apple devices. These vulnerabilities have been addressed by emergency security...
Pwn2Own Vancouver 2023

Microsoft Teams, Virtualbox, Tesla Zero-Days Exploited –  Pwn2Own Day Two

At Pwn2Own Vancouver 2023 Day 2, for 10 unique zero-day exploits, the participants received $475,000 of cash prizes. The Tesla Model 3, the Microsoft Teams communication platform,...
Google Uncovers 18 Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Google Uncovers 18 Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in Samsung’s Exynos Chipsets

The Project Zero team at Google has recently found and reported 18 zero-day vulnerabilities in Samsung's Exynos chipsets, which are mainly used in:-  Mobile devices Wearables Automobiles Among...
Microsoft Security Updates Feb

Microsoft Security Updates – 9 Critical Flaws Fixed Along With 3 Zero-Days

As part of their second Patch Tuesday for the year, Microsoft recently released patches for 78 vulnerabilities along with the three actively exploited zero-day...
iOS Zero-Day

Warning! Apple Fixes Actively Exploited iOS Zero-Day on iPhones & iPads

In an effort to ensure the safety and security of its customers, Apple has taken the necessary steps to address a potentially dangerous vulnerability...
Windows SmartScreen zero-day

Windows SmartScreen & DirectX Graphics Zero-day Flaw Let Attacker Gain Admin Privilege

Microsoft releases a few patches in December normally, and this year is no exception. Microsoft Patch for December 2022, a total of 52 vulnerabilities in...

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