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Top 11 Open Source Cloud Security Tools 2023

Cloud Security Tools

By seeing the heading of this article, you might be wondering what all about open source cloud? It is a service or solution which got developed by using open source software and technology. These Cloud Security Tools are useful for any public and private models like SaaS, PaaS, laaS, etc. This is completely built and operates through open-source technologies.

In today’s world, 83 percent of enterprises put their workload to the open-source cloud to get the proper data with low cost and time. It is affordable for every business and employer. This software adoption can enhance interoperability.

Now let us talk about open-source cloud security, which measures and configures to protect the cloud data. It also protects customers’ privacy as well as sets the authentication rules for all individual devices and users. It also helps to filter the traffic where you can configure cloud security to get the exact needs for your business.

These Cybersecurity tools have a large market share where they can meet the requirement of enterprise-grade security software. Many open source security tools available in the market can work like the paid ones. If you are new in the business, you can start your business using the free version.

Many small and mid-size enterprises combine the free and paid open-source Cloud Security tools to improve their organization and protect their network and digital assets. Here we will discuss the list of open-source cloud security tools that keep your organization safe from hackers.

Top 11 Open Source Cloud Security Tools

  • Wazuh
  • Osquery
  • GoAudit
  • Grapl
  • Suricata
  • Zeek/Bro
  • Panther
  • Kali Linux
  • KeePass
  • Metasploit Framework


Wazuh is a comprehensive cybersecurity platform that combines SIEM, HIDS, & XDR capabilities into a single solution. Based on an open-source spirit, Wazuh has one of the fastest-growing communities in the world, where they offer high-quality support, receive proposals, and direct feedback from users.

Wazuh is used by over 200k organizations, including some of the Top 100 Fortune Companies. Along with the option to deploy the solution on-prem, Wazuh also offers Wazuh Cloud, a flexible infrastructure that allows high scalability. Install Wazuh or get a free trial and discover the potential of Wazuh Cloud!



This open-source monitoring tool performs with SQL. It is available for Windows, macOS, Linus, FreeBSD, etc. This exposes the operating system and gives high performance. It also provides good results about SQL-based queries like running process, open network connection, hardware events, browser plugin, etc.

This is started in 2014 and was created by Facebook. After using this company started maintaining the low-level behavior. These engineers have appreciated this tool and they are using it effectively.

This Osquery log catches the unknown malware but you need to install it and let you indicate when any threat comes.


This Linux Audit system includes two components like kernel code and monitors syscalls. This second one is the user-space daemon which is responsible for audit writing, and it also records.

It got released in 2016, where it provides better logging for the multiline events, and it also provides a better analysis for JSON Blob. Through this, you can directly speak kernel via Netlink. You can do the filtering to your business from all threats.

It is not only the best in security, it is a general-purpose tool that helps to get rid of all types of problems. It is safe and performant, so you can use it.



This has released the last year in March, and it is a Graph Analytics Platform that is best for detection, incident response, and forensics. It understands the attacker’s intention and defends as per the situation. It works like a natural defender who adopts a graph-based mechanism and understands the scope of the relationship within the network.

Grapl always works on the security-relevant logs, which helps to convert them into a subgraph. It marge the subgraphs into Master Graph so that it can represent the action across the environment.

It executes the analyzers where any suspicious pattern comes, it got detected in the scry subgraph. Then Grapl starts performing the investigation.


This open-source platform was founded in 2004, and it is one of the best detection software, which also does the best job of securing a monitoring platform. It does the perfect detection for premise and cloud. This is also used for log analysis, monitoring, web server, analyzing firewalls, etc.

OSSEC also monitors SIM and SIEM, which is real-time integrity monitoring. It works in multi-platform like Microsoft windows, Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc.

This software includes a central manager who does the monitoring and receives the information from the agents. It can also store the file after the integrity checking of the database, logs, system auditing, events, etc.



This software acts as an intrusion detection system, prevent system, and network monitoring system. Though it introduced in 2009, it has its features to control network traffic. Suricata works with few rules and regulation which has to meet to fulfill your requirement.

It can control large traffic volumes without any sacrificing, and you will even get 10-gigabit speed. It also helps for file extraction.

This open-source platform configures the metal and virtual machines within AWS so that they can introduce traffic-mirroring features, and through this, they can detect complex threats.



Like the Suricata, it is also a network monitoring tool that identifies the anomalies behavior. It also suspects the threat activity. This is a little different from traditional IDS, which is the rules-based engine and detects the threat easily.

Since this is a good network monitoring tool, it allows you to look back at whatever happened during and before the incident. It also interacts and understands whatever happened in the network security.

This Zeek programming language can be customized with the specific needs of an organization. It helps build the complex logical condition by using a few operators like AND, OR, NOT, etc.



This powerful tool is specially designed to alleviate problems of all types of traditional SIEMs. This is an automated solution and opens sourced by Airbnb. It gives centralized detection, which sets the environment and scale to your business.

Every detection are transparent, which deterministic the rules and reduces the false positives, and also alerts fatigue. It also detects untheorized detection, and you can access that into your system.

It can fix the misconfiguration automatically where you can save few things from damage. Panther always deploys with its own AWS Cloud and AWS CloudFormation, and it makes sure that data will always be your control.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux

This is one type of open-source system that offers cyber security utilities and penetrates the testing tool. This is few hacking-focused Linux distribution tool which comes with pre-packaging for reconnaissance.

It also provides few penetration-testing utilities which allow you to run Linux executable, and it is executable in windows 10. This supports a few devices like Raspberry Pi, Odroid, HP and Samsung Chromebook,  Beaglebone, etc.


It is a tool used for compliance monitoring, compliance reporting, and security automation for the cloud. The PacBot(Policy as Code Bot) scans the evaluates the resource against the policies.


PacBot includes an auto-fix framework provides that has the ability to automatically respond to policy violations by taking predefined actions.

The tool also includes visualization features that let users view the compliance and make it easy to analyze and remediate policy violations.

Security Monkey

Another monitoring tool that watches for policy changes and vulnerable configurations in AWS, GCP, and OpenStack environments.

Security Monkey

It was developed by Netflix, the tool alerts users on insecure configurations and it provides a single UI to browse and search through all of your accounts, regions, and cloud services.

Also the tool can be extended with custom account types, custom watchers, custom auditors, and custom alerts.

Final Thoughts

To enable the security monitoring system, these above open-source tool helps to the organization to its maximum extent. They are providing unlimited benefits at zero cost.

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