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Top 10 Online Penetration Testing Tools for Reconnaissance and Exploit Search

Online Penetration Testing Tools

When you are reading this article, it is clear that you want to know about Penetration testing. This is simulated with cyber-attack where ethical hackers who are professionals search for the flaws in the corporate network and break this before the attacker break.

This is like the movie Sneakers, where hacker consultants break the corporate network and find the weakness. This is similar to a simulated cyber-attack where ethical hackers use the tool and technique that malicious hackles can use.

This shows you how malicious attackers can hack your network; it also gives you an idea so that before they do anything, you implement that and make your business safe. Basically, you will be mitigating the weakness before the attacker comes to know.

According to the research, every company has its weaknesses, and attackers can exploit it. Every company has a 93% chance that an attacker with attack, but this tool will not allow them to attack. For doing hacking, hackers need a minimum time of around four days. More than 71% of the company’s unskilled hackers penetrate the internal network.

To make the attacker fail, you have to use penetration software and need to find the solution as a business man. Here you will get the online security professional tool list which helps you to find the loopholes and exploit the target.

Top 10 Online Penetration Testing Tools

  1. BuiltWith
  2. Wappalyzer
  3. Dnsdumpster
  4. Spyse
  5. Hunter
  6. Skrapp
  7. URL Fuzzer
  8. Shodan
  9. Penetest Tools
  10. Intruder



This is a technology profiler that gives real-time information by targeting domain API and live domain API. Domain API provides technical information like the embedded plugin, framework, analytics service, and libraries.

It also relies on the BuiltWith database, which can provide current information related to the target. If you search in the search bar, you will get a few information that is provided by the API domain.

This API domain performs so that it gives an extensive lookup of your domain in real-time. This provides correct technical information to the end-user with complete security.



This software helps to extract the information where the technology got stuck. If you want to know about CMS and its target, then you have to use this framework. This will wappalyzer the tool which has operated.

There are different ways to use this type of tool to access the information by using the Lookup API. To secure the product security, engineers and developers use Wappalyzer technology.

As a user, you can browse this extension in Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc.



This is one type of domain research tool which discover the subdomain and target that. It’s work’s to find subdomain which includes Shodan, and Maxmind. As a user, you are not allowed to search unlimited numbers there is a limit to it. If you want to try out with more limits, then you need to opt for a domain profiler.

This domain profiler is a little similar to Dnsdumpster because it also performs domain. Domain profiler has much additional information, and it’s not free. You need to have a membership plan for it.

You can opt for hackertarget.com and avail of all the domain service.



This is an online tool which mainly uses for commercial purpose and for finding the subdomain user need this.

It also gives you a clue to search the subdomain, and it will perform as an IP lookup. There are many more subdomain finders available in the market.

You also need to find the email address where the company is vulnerable to phish. You need to find the email address of the target company.


This is one of the best email finder services where anyone can search email addresses through the email finder method or domain search method.

Since this domain is only for searching, you need to put email address with domain name in the search bar.

The tools also include an Email Verifier which completely checks the email address to let you send your emails with complete confidence.


It is best for email marketing, to search email addresses with domain search features. Why send single mail, you will have a bulk email finder, and it helps you make your work less by importing CSV files on employees and company’s names. It also supports if it is in bulk.

Many users prefer to search the email address programmatically for the API available.

You will get the options to explore more through the email finder tool. You need to know which files or folder will give you sensitive information like administrator password, web server, and GitHub key, etc.

URL Fuzzer

This is one of the best online services given by the Pentest tool, and you can also do the customization where you can even discover the hidden files and directories. This can handle more than 1000 common names and everything it keeps safe.

This is mainly used to keep safe your hidden resource via a light or full scan. The registered user allowed for full scan mode.

This tool includes more than 20 tools best for information gathering, infrastructure scanning, security testing, and much more.


As a customer, we can completely trust Shodan, and it gives you detailed information. How Google is one search engine the same way, Shodan is also a search engine. It helps to search the invisible part of the information from the internet, and this is best for cybersecurity.

Suppose you want to know the perfect number in anything that also Shodan will show you. In the search bar, you need to put the question, and you will get the specific result.

If you are looking for an online exploit search tool, then this tool is the best one.

Penetest Tools

One of the best online tools to quickly discover and report vulnerabilities in websites and network infrastructures.

The website offers 25+ tools to run automated testing sequences and also provides customizable report templates.

It is one of the best tools to perform black-box external network security assessments and reports that allow pentesters to identify and quickly respond to any potential issues.


It is one of the online automated penetration testing platforms that finds cybersecurity vulnerabilities, it includes the process of simulating real cyber-attacks against your own systems.

The tools check systems for vulnerabilities which include web-layer security problems, infrastructure weaknesses, and other security misconfigurations.

The tools also include an Email Verifier which completely checks for the email address to let you send your emails with complete confidence.


Above listed all tools are great to do their job. You can select any of them for your research work. These all are safe to use.

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