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Nissan Is Investigating Cyberattack; Potential Personal Data Breach

Nissan, a global carmaker with headquarters in Japan, is investigating a cyber incident that may have compromised company systems and if personal data was accessed. 

The company possibly experienced a cyber attack that had a significant impact on its operations in both Australia and New Zealand.

“The Australian and New Zealand Nissan Corporation and Financial Services (“Nissan”) advises that its systems have been subject to a cyber incident,” the company said.

“Nissan is working with its global incident response team and relevant stakeholders to investigate the extent of the incident and whether any personal information has been accessed.” 

Nissan Notified Australian and New Zealand Cyber Security Centres

The National Cyber Security Center of New Zealand and the Australian Cyber Security Centre have also been informed by Nissan.

The business stated that it would keep providing information via its website, which is accessible at[.]au and[.]nz, as it works to restore its systems as quickly as possible.

The company said that “Some dealer systems will be impacted”, for assistance with any questions on vehicles and maintenance, customers can contact a local Nissan dealer directly.

The type of data that could have been obtained during the cyberattack and the number of impacted customers are still unknown.

The business requests that customers be patient with them and their employees as they try to resolve these problems.

Although “the extent of the incident is still under investigation”, Nissan advises its users to exercise caution when using all of their accounts, especially keeping an eye out for any strange or fraudulent activity.

Reports say Nissan has sold 36,718 cars in Australia and about 3,000 in New Zealand so far this year. Nissan was the biggest producer of electric vehicles (EVs). 

The Nissan LEAF, the second-best-selling electric car worldwide, is the best-selling model in the automaker’s entirely electric lineup, behind just the Tesla Model 3.

Notably, in January 2023, Nissan North America informed customers of a third-party service provider’s data breach that resulted in the exposure of customer data, affecting around 18,000 of the company’s clients.

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