Network as a Service for MSSP

Secure Network as a Service (NaaS) for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) offers a revolutionary way to provide networking and security services to clients. This model enables MSSPs to provide network infrastructure and management services through a subscription model, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge security measures into the network fabric.

This approach allows businesses to easily access and utilize essential networking and security features like firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, secure web gateways, and VPN services.


The best part is that they can do so through a convenient subscription model, eliminating the need for them to handle the complexities of managing the underlying infrastructure.

MSSPs can leverage NaaS to expand their network security and management services portfolio, enhancing scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

By utilizing a cloud-based model, companies can offer their customers cutting-edge security features, instant detection and response to threats, and efficient management of compliance.

This simplifies their clients’ operations and enables quick deployment, scalability based on demand, and ongoing security updates to combat emerging threats.

Essentially, NaaS for MSSPs focuses on delivering network services that prioritize security. By utilizing cloud technologies, businesses can benefit from reliable, flexible, and current network security solutions.

Network security leaders such as Perimeter81 offer Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners a powerful, scalable, and simple secure Network as a Service to keep clients’ traffic and data secure. Try Free Demo.

Table of Contents

What is NaaS for MSSP Providers?
Benefits of NaaS for MSSPs Providers

Challenges for Naas for MSSP Providers
How to Choose the Best Naas for MSSP Providers?
10 Best NaaS for MSSP Providers and its Features
10 Best NaaS for MSSP Providers 2024
1. Perimeter 81
2. Cloudflare
3. Prisma Cloud
4. Megaport
5. Akamai
6. Aryaka
7. Converged Cloud Fabric
8. Amdocs NaaS
9. Lumen
10. Masergy


What is NaaS for MSSP Providers?

Network as a Service (NaaS) for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) is a business model in which MSSPs provide network infrastructure and security services to their clients through a subscription-based approach.

This model utilizes cloud-based technologies to provide networking solutions that are scalable, flexible, and cost-effective. Clients can benefit from these features without the hassle of investing in or managing physical infrastructure.

It offers advanced security features like firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, secure web gateways, Cloud VPN services, and more. For Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), Secure Network as a Service (NaaS) presents a valuable chance to broaden their range of services.

By offering comprehensive Secure Network as a Service for MSSP can effectively address the changing requirements of businesses in today’s highly digital and interconnected environment.

Benefits of NaaS for MSSPs Providers

  • Cost Efficiency: Businesses can avoid making significant upfront investments in hardware and software by choosing a subscription model that offers predictable costs and can be easily adjusted to match their requirements.
  • Enhanced Security: MSSPs provide businesses with the latest security measures, real-time threat intelligence, and compliance management to safeguard against recent threats.
  • Expertise and Support: Customers can greatly benefit from the extensive knowledge and ongoing assistance Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) provide. This can lead to enhanced network performance and a stronger security position.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Businesses can easily adjust the scale of NaaS solutions to meet their changing needs, allowing them to stay flexible and responsive.
  • Simplified Management: By partnering with managed security service providers (MSSPs), clients can streamline their operations by entrusting the management of their network and security infrastructure to them. As a result, they are free from the burden of these technical aspects to prioritize their core business activities.

Challenges for Naas for MSSP Providers

  • Dependency on Service Providers: Dependence on NaaS providers necessitates that MSSPs trust these entities to ensure consistent uptime, robust security measures, and adherence to compliance standards. Potential service disruptions or security breaches at the NaaS provider’s end have the potential to affect the clients of MSSPs.
  • Integration Complexities: Integrating NaaS solutions with existing services and infrastructure can pose challenges, particularly when working with legacy systems or catering to specific client needs.
  • Compliance and Privacy Concerns: NaaS solutions raise essential considerations regarding the handling of data by third parties, which include concerns about data protection, privacy, and compliance with regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA.

How do you Choose the Best Naas for MSSP Providers?

When selecting a Secure Network as a Service for MSSP, it is crucial to assess various essential factors.

This evaluation ensures that the service aligns with the provider’s business goals, operational requirements, and the security needs of their clients.

When it comes to choosing the most suitable NaaS solution for an MSSP, several key factors should be taken into account:

  1. Security Features and Capabilities
  • It is essential to verify that the NaaS provides comprehensive security features, such as advanced threat protection, intrusion detection and prevention, firewall management, a secure web gateway, and anti-malware services.
  • Ensure that sensitive information is adequately protected by selecting solutions that adhere to industry standards and regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA.

2. Scalability and Flexibility

  • Evaluate the NaaS’s capacity to efficiently adjust service levels to meet client demands without substantial delays or complications.
  • Consider the versatility of the service offerings, which can be customized to meet a wide range of client needs.

3. Performance and Reliability

  • Assess the performance metrics, such as bandwidth, latency, and uptime guarantees, to verify that they align with client expectations.
  • Assess the provider’s historical performance regarding reliability and their capacity to uphold a consistent level of service quality.

4. Integration and Compatibility

  • Verify that the NaaS can smoothly integrate with current tools and infrastructure, such as cloud environments, on-premises data centers, and other managed services.
  • Ensuring seamless operations requires a strong focus on compatibility with client systems and applications.

5. Management and Visibility

  • Seek solutions providing various management tools and dashboards to monitor, report, and analyze data in real time.
  • A comprehensive understanding of network performance, security threats, and user activity is crucial for proactive management.

6. Support and Expertise

  • Evaluate the extent of technical assistance offered, encompassing factors such as round-the-clock availability, promptness of response, and the proficiency of the support staff.
  • Consider the provider’s track record regarding customer service and technical support.

7. Pricing and Business Model

  • Examine the pricing structure to ensure it is clear, consistent, and aligned with your business model and your client’s financial limitations.
  • Assess the level of adaptability offered by the subscription models and the capacity to tailor services according to client requirements.

8. Vendor Reputation and Stability

  • Conduct extensive investigation on the provider’s market presence, stability, and reputation in the industry.
  • Take into account feedback from current customers and independent reviews to assess satisfaction and the quality of service.

9. Future-proofing and Innovation

  • Consider the provider’s dedication to innovation and their history of successfully incorporating new technologies and capabilities.
  • Verifying that the NaaS solution can seamlessly adjust to upcoming technology advancements and effectively address potential security risks is essential.

10 Best NaaS for MSSP Providers and its Features

10 Best NaaS for MSSP ProvidersKey Features
1. Perimeter 811. Secure Network Access
2. Zero Trust Security Framework
3. Cloud-native Architecture
4. Software-defined Perimeter (SDP)
5. Multi-tenant Support
6. Two-factor Authentication (2FA)
7. Automatic Wi-Fi Security
2. Cloudflare1. Content Delivery Network (CDN)
2. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection
3. Web Application Firewall (WAF)
4. SSL/TLS Encryption
5. DNS Security and Services
6. Rate Limiting
7. Smart Routing
8. Edge Computing (Workers)
3. Prisma Cloud1. Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
2. Cloud Workload Protection (CWP)
3. Cloud Network Security
4. Container Security
5. Serverless Security
6. Web Application and API Security
7. Identity and Access Management (IAM) Security
8. Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
4. Megaport1. Network as a Service (NaaS) Platform
2. Elastic Interconnection Services
3. Direct Cloud Connectivity
4. Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
5. Private Network Connections
6. Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) Technology
7. Multi-Cloud Connectivity
5. Akamai1. Content Delivery Network (CDN)
2. Web and Mobile Performance Solutions
3. Cloud Security Solutions
4. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection
5. Web Application Firewall (WAF)
6. Bot Management
7. Secure Application Access
8. Edge Computing Capabilities
6. Aryaka1. Global Private Network
2. Multi-Cloud Connectivity
3. WAN Optimization
4. Network and Application Visibility
5. As-a-Service Delivery Model
6. SmartConnect for Optimized Connectivity
7. SmartCloud for Cloud Networking
8. Secure Remote Access
7. Converged Cloud Fabric1. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Capabilities
2. Multi-Tenant Support
3. High Availability and Resilience
4. Integrated Security and Compliance Features
5. Support for Hybrid Cloud Environments
6. Real-Time Visibility and Analytics
7. Scalable Architecture
8. Seamless Integration with Cloud Services
8. Amdocs NaaS1. Network as a Service (NaaS) Platform
2. Automated Service Orchestration
3. Virtualized Network Functions (VNF)
4. SD-WAN and SDN Integration
5. Customizable Service Catalog
6. Multi-Vendor Ecosystem Support
7. Self-Service Portals for End-Users
8. Real-Time Analytics and Reporting
9. Lumen1. Edge Computing Services
2. Content Delivery Network (CDN)
3. Adaptive Networking
4. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
5. Cloud Connectivity
6. Managed Services
7. Voice and Unified Communications
8. Security Services
10. Masergy1. Global Network Services
2. Secure Remote Access
3. Bandwidth on Demand
4. AI-Powered IT Operations
5. Managed Security Services
6. Cloud Contact Center Solutions
7. Intelligent Network Analytics
8. Hybrid Networking Solutions

10 Best NaaS for MSSP Providers 2024

  • Perimeter 81
  • Cloudflare
  • Prisma Cloud
  • Megaport
  • Akamai
  • Aryaka
  • Converged Cloud Fabric
  • Amdocs NaaS
  • Lumen
  • Masergy

1.Perimeter 81

Network as a Service for MSSP

The Perimeter 81 MSP Program has been customized to address your customers’ security needs and align with your organization’s business requirements. We can help you provide a unique and lucrative network service that ensures security, allowing your customers to move away from outdated solutions.

Perimeter 81 delivers a robust Secure Network as a Service for MSSP provider with private access, ensuring robust protection and secure internet access. 

Experience quick deployment in under an hour, not weeks, and the cost-effective advantages of zero hardware and maintenance for streamlined operations. 

It helps you manage your network effortlessly through one intuitive platform, making it easy to use and maintain.

Regular monitoring goes beyond “set and forget.” The dashboard provides a real-time, detailed overview of network activity using clear graphs.

The Monitoring Dashboard dynamically updates data every 1-2 minutes, offering almost real-time insights into network usage. Obtain a comprehensive, filterable view, including active sessions, licenses, and gateways. 

Access detailed data for targeted action. Hover over graphs on the dashboard to reveal specific data points, swiftly identifying crucial trends and outliers.

Effortlessly evaluate network needs using insights on historical and current user activity across regions and gateways.


  • Perimeter 81 features 2FA/MFA for user access, SSO for quicker logins, and secure traffic tunneling.
  • Secure employees’ Wi-Fi with encrypted tunnels for untrusted connections.
  • With over 50 PoPs, Tier 1 lines, and dedicated bandwidth, Perimeter 81’s global business network lets remote workers access resources safely and rapidly.
  • Enterprises can build and maintain their network from a single place with a simple management interface for fast visibility and efficiency.
  • Multi-Tenant Console & Centralized Management
  • Easy to use & Robust Secure Network as a Service for MSSP.
  • Remote Access: Zero Trust Agent Based & Agent-less
  • Internet Security: Secure Web Gateway & Malware Protection
  • Seamless Integrations: XDRs, SIEM, RMMs & PSAs
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • OKTA / Azure AD / SAML 2.0 / AD integration
Pros Cons
Advanced features for a secure and private network environment.Limited Free Trial and Higher Tier Features
Zero hardware and maintenance costs, reducing overall IT expenditures.Potential Scalability Concerns for Large Enterprises
Swift deployment secures a network within an hour, boosting flexibility.Limited User Management and Monitoring

Perimeter 81 – Trial / Demo

2. Cloudflare

Network as a Service for MSSP

Better control of IT and security environments delivers more value to the business. Better control means quicker adoption of new tech requirements. It means establishing more effective security policies and responding faster when novel attacks strike.

Cloudflare, a leading Secure network as a service provider, empowers businesses to regain comprehensive visibility and control over IT and security, seamlessly spanning on-premises environments, public clouds, SaaS applications, and the Internet.

Unveil the connectivity cloud, allowing seamless control over the protection and connection of your people, apps, and data across diverse environments. 

Elevate your operations with Cloudflare’s solution, accelerating both application and network performance, all while streamlining development and optimizing resource allocation for your core priorities.

Offers SASE and SSE services to seamlessly connect and secure employees, contractors, devices, networks, apps, and data across diverse environments. 

With comprehensive app and infrastructure services, Cloudflare ensures top-notch security, reliability, and performance for digital products, enabling a global reach for customers. 

Provides developer services, facilitating the effortless creation and deployment of full-stack applications through integrated compute, storage, and networking capabilities.


  • DDoS mitigation services from Cloudflare safeguard websites, apps, and networks from large-scale attacks, retaining genuine traffic.
  • This serverless computing platform lets developers distribute and run programs globally without infrastructure.
  • It now has Workers KV for key-value data storage and Cron Triggers for job scheduling.
  • Cloudflare Access enables secure application access based on identification and device context, whereas Cloudflare Gateway filters all traffic to block malicious traffic.
  • Cloudflare optimizes traffic routing and caches content with its Anycast network and CDN to speed up websites.
  • A wall of lava lights in Cloudflare’s San Francisco offices and novel encryption key generation techniques show their commitment to internet security.
Ease of Use and ManagementComplex Configuration and Management
Content Delivery Network (CDN)Potential Reliance on Cloudflare Network
Enhanced security, Scalability and FlexibilitySecurity concerns surrounding potential government access

Cloudflare – Trial / Demo

3. Prisma Cloud

Network as a Service for MSSP

Prisma Cloud is a leading Secure network as a service provider, boasting a global SD-WAN fabric for seamless connectivity with robust security measures. 

Zero-touch provisioning simplifies management and complements its dynamic traffic routing to optimize performance. With integrated security features and advanced analytics, it ensures top-tier network efficiency and protection.

Prisma enables businesses to create safe, flexible, and incredibly scalable networks using automation and cloud intelligence.

Prioritizes risk prevention through shifting left-in application design to thwart risks and misconfigurations. Focusing on visibility and control ensures continuous oversight of privileges, data, and vulnerabilities. 

The Secure network as a service company offers real-time runtime protection for cloud workloads, web applications, and APIs.


  • Designing programs to “shift left” prevents dangers and misconfigurations from entering production. IaC, secrets, CI/CD, software composition analysis.
  • Manages cloud misconfigurations, rights, data, and vulnerabilities.
  • Agentless workload scanning, cloud data security, API visibility, CSPM, CIEM, and cloud discovery and exposure management are provided.
  • Protects cloud workloads, online apps, and APIs in real-time with threat detection, host, container, serverless, and web application/API security.
  • Prisma Cloud, the industry’s most comprehensive CNAPP, secures and manages infrastructure, workloads, and applications throughout the cloud-native technology stack, including hybrid and multi-cloud environments, throughout development.
  • Prisma Cloud was recognized as a leader in cloud Workload Security in Q1 2024 for its innovative and comprehensive approach to cloud security.
Tailored security and access policies for diverse cloud workloads and network segmentsLimited on-premises integration
AI-driven traffic routing for optimal application performance and user experienceManaged services come at a higher cost
Deep Security IntegrationScalability Limits

Prisma Cloud – Trial / Demo

4. Megaport

Megaport, a top network service provider, simplifies complex networks. Their innovative solutions empower users to deploy flexible private networks in minutes, revolutionizing connectivity effortlessly.

Accelerate connection establishment, streamline network setup, and simplify the deployment of essential business services. Effortlessly create networks with Megaport, minimizing intricate configurations. 

Connect swiftly to cloud services, managed services, and data centers for real-time workload mobility and enhanced focus on future tasks.

Access the cloud from any location, facilitating global data transport. Attain direct network connectivity to essential services, irrespective of cloud proximity or data center distance. 

Enhance agility by optimizing initial connectivity and adjusting bandwidth between 10 Mbps and 10 GB to align with varying workloads.


  • Fast and flexible private point-to-point connectivity is straightforward across Megaport’s global network architecture.
  • Direct access to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure simplifies multi-cloud communication.
  • Smart routing, multicloud support, and private, scalable, on-demand connectivity without hardware are available.
  • Using virtual network services, MVE accelerates SASE goals, SD-WAN modernization, and edge security in key global locations.
  • Users can activate new internet connections in under 60 seconds with instant provisioning.
  • Users can scale bandwidth to optimize costs with the service.
User-Friendly Platform and Excellent SupportLimited Customization and Control
Enhanced Security and ControlPotential Vendor Lock-in
On-Demand Scalability and FlexibilityHigher Costs Compared to Direct Connectivity
Global Reach and Interconnectivity

Megaport – Trial / Demo


Akamai, a leading network as a service provider, empowers businesses to scale confidently on the connected cloud, ensuring superior distribution, reliability, and visibility for applications while mitigating threats effectively.

Utilize Akamai Connected Cloud for secure, ubiquitous application deployment, leveraging unparalleled cloud computing, security, and content delivery. 

Empowers businesses to enhance performance, innovate swiftly, and scale cloud infrastructure globally for seamless online connectivity.

Safeguard data, workforce, and systems globally, outsmarting sophisticated threats for secure and seamless digital experiences.

Magically delivers flawless apps and experiences to customers, connecting seamlessly wherever they are.

Leading network as a service provider, offering a distributed edge and cloud platform for seamless app development, security, and unparalleled content delivery. 


  • Akamai’s API Security, App & API Protector, and Client-Side Protection protect against DDoS, bots, OWASP Top 10 exploits, PCI compliance, and client-side threats.
  • Akamai Guardicore Segmentation, Secure Internet Access, and Akamai MFA for threat protection and multi-factor authentication can provide a zero-trust security framework.
  • The Akamai CDN boosts media and app performance.
  • Ion improves website performance, API Acceleration ensures API consistency, and Adaptive Media transmission delivers high-quality video across devices.
  • EdgeWorkers executes custom JavaScript near users to improve experience.
  • EdgeKV provides fast, scalable data access with a distributed key-value store database.
  • DataStream provides low-latency data streams for third-party tools, mPulse tracks real-time user experiences, and CloudTest loads sites and apps worldwide.
Vast network covers most regions.Managed services cost more than DIY.
Security leader: DDoS protection, threat intelligence.Vendor lock-in: Switching providers can be complex.
Speed boost: content delivery optimization, fast loading.Advanced features require technical expertise.
Adapts to traffic spikes, making it easy to manage.

Akamai – Trial / Demo


Network as a Service for MSSP

Aryaka, a leading network as a service provider, ensures robust cybersecurity through its innovative approach – “Create once, enforce everywhere.” 

By integrating firewalls, malware protection, and URL filtering into its network services, Aryaka delivers seamless security and optimal application performance through a unified management platform.

Empowers CIOs to challenge norms by consolidating networking and security into a comprehensive service, offering an exceptionally superior customer experience.

This Network as a Service for MSSP is the preferred choice for enterprises due to its dedicated team of top-tier network and security experts, embodying cloud-centric principles with unmatched diligence and expertise.

Embrace modern networking with Aryaka’s cloud-driven security and SD-WAN, transforming business dynamics with heightened speed, agility, and performance.


  • Network security architecture administration is simplified by Aryaka’s networking-security integration.
  • This approach streamlines network and security solution planning, deployment, and management.
  • Aryaka’s worldwide connectivity services enable cloud and SaaS application acceleration, MPLS-to-SD-WAN migration, and last-mile connection.
  • This simplifies inter-site communication.
  • Aryaka provides secure web gateway, SD-WAN, multi-cloud networking, and managed SASE.
  • Our Opex-based as-a-service SASE and SD-WAN managed solutions simplify network security architecture management.
  • SmartConnect offers connectivity-as-a-service, SmartOptimize speeds up networks and apps, SmartCloud manages multi-cloud networking, SmartSecure provides security, and SmartInsights provides actionable data via MyAryaka.
  • SD-WAN services are unique and complete.
  • Aryaka’s managed WAN offers network and security as-a-service.
  • With our cloud-first strategy, companies can improve application performance and secure WAN transition without the complexities of traditional telecom services.
Converged Security and NetworkingComplex Management for Advanced Features
Cloud-Native Agility and ScalabilityDependency on Internet Connectivity
Simplified Management and User ExperienceLimited Customization and global reach

Aryaka – Trial / Demo

7.Converged Cloud Fabric

Network as a Service for MSSP

Converged Cloud Fabric (CCF) revolutionizes the Network as a Service for MSSP by seamlessly integrating on-premises VPC/VNet constructs, empowering private cloud platforms with automated networking that matches the agility of VMs and containers. 

Offering real-time contextual insights and simplified troubleshooting through analytics, CCF fosters seamless collaboration among NetOps, DevOps, and CloudOps teams, facilitating swift application and tenant onboarding.

CCF empowers organizations to strategically integrate the network into digital transformation. 

Its self-service networking and contextual intelligence free NetOps for innovation, fostering collaboration across teams and operating at VM and container speeds.

Converged environments, software-defined data centers (SDDC), private clouds, and cloud-native applications are all catered to by CCF, a modern data center and switching fabric designed with public cloud design principles in mind.

By eliminating complexity and automating Day0/Day1/Day2 operations, the CCF Controller functions as a “one logical switch.” It also offers contextual analytics for deep visibility and network-as-a-service via cloud-style E-VPC.


  • CCF automates networking between private cloud platforms using on-premises VPC and VNet.
  • The network can now match VM and container speeds, simplifying operations and enhancing performance.
  • A controller simplifies operations by treating the fabric as a logical switch.
  • The open architecture integrates private cloud systems and provides a simple administration dashboard for high availability and redundancy.
  • At CCF, intent-based networking automates policy creation, deployment, operation, and verification.
  • One-click software upgrades, troubleshooting, and zero-touch fabric generation and scale-out ease fabric security policy management.
  • E-VPCs reduce on-prem logical networking and hardware requirements with Network-as-a-Service similar public clouds.
  • Programmed automation, multi-tenancy, and delegated administration promote NetOps, DevOps, and CloudOps collaboration.
  • CCF’s built-in analytics and telemetry offer one-click troubleshooting, fast application and tenant onboarding, and deep fabric visibility.
  • NetOps, DevOps, and CloudOps teams may collaborate and resolve issues faster with this capabilities.
Integration with cloud management platforms improves operations.Technology options are limited by vendor lock-in.
Resource optimization and operational cost reduction.Potential scalability issues as organizational needs develop.
Adds agility by quickly deploying network resources.Complex setup and integration require resources.
Continuous network strategies improve performance and reliability.Network integration presents security risks that must be managed.

Converged Cloud Fabric – Trial / Demo

8.Amdocs NaaS

Amdocs Naas, or Network as a Service for MSSP is a cutting-edge digital technology that is changing the way enterprises interact with and use network capabilities. 

This unique methodology enables service providers to reimagine the enterprise customer experience both internally and externally. 

Internally, providers optimize operations by making network services available for internal usage. Externally, organizations get the ability to purchase network resources as customized services. 

Amdocs Naas integrates a marketplace into a single self-service platform, making it easier to purchase and manage value-added services and infrastructure. 

This Network as a Service for MSSP benefits service providers by increasing revenue, accelerating time-to-market, and automating procedures while providing enterprise clients with a user-centric experience that includes choice, scalability, and control over on-demand connectivity. 


  • The Amdocs NaaS technology allows operators quickly launch enterprise services.
  • Service and network orchestration platform prioritizes automated VNF and service lifecycle management and provides SD-WAN pre-integrated bundles.
  • Automation of service chaining and lifecycle management enables agile service innovation.
  • For efficient service introduction and commercialization, the system integrates with BSS.
  • Amdocs NaaS offers self-service and automation.
  • It simplifies and speeds SD-WAN and VAS deployment for service providers.
  • Amdocs, Heavy Reading, and Ovum (Omdia) surveyed NaaS adoption trends, prospects, and needs worldwide.
  • From a 360° perspective, the data show NaaS solutions’ growing importance in enterprise markets.
  • Amdocs NaaS boosts enterprise revenue, reduces network and business service bundle time to market, and automates service provider responsibilities.
  • Enterprise users may simplify and speed up networking with on-demand provisioning and a consumer-like experience with choice, scalability, visibility, and control over network services with NaaS.
Fast setup, easy growth, adapts to needs.Complexity in deploying the NaaS framework.
Strong protection, data confidence, and compliance.Gaps in automation for VNF testing and onboarding.
Smooth performance boosts productivity.Limited self-service and marketplace capabilities.

Amdocs NaaS – Trial / Demo


Network as a Service for MSSP

Lumen is a prominent Network as a Service for MSSP that specializes in offering innovative and scalable enterprise network solutions. It provides speedy, on-demand connectivity between sites.

With a commitment to data security and optimized application performance, Lumen delivers high-bandwidth connections, complemented by continuous threat monitoring and mitigation for enhanced digital experiences.

Offers integrated networking solutions that efficiently reduce latency, bolster security, and seamlessly scale to meet the evolving demands of businesses, exemplifying their commitment to delivering top-tier networking services.

Empowers enterprises with cutting-edge solutions like SASE, fortifying defense perimeters at scale, and streamlining network operations. 

Their MPLS/IP VPN services ensure secure, reliable, and private any-to-any/point-to-point WAN connections, enhancing connectivity for businesses. 

The Network as a Service for MSSP company fuels your business bandwidth needs, from blazing wavelengths up to 400 Gbps to intelligent SD-WAN and versatile Ethernet solutions.

Offer turnkey connectivity to securely link data centers, clouds, and new locations in virtually any configuration. 


  • Getting businesses to meet and work better together.
  • Cloud services with low delay and security at the edge.
  • Improving communication and teamwork so that it runs smoothly.
  • Protection for digital assets and info that is strong.
  • With professional and managed service options, IT operations are made easier.
Globetrot your data: Vast network reaches far and wide.Switching providers is a tricky thing.
Grow as you flow: Scale up or down; waste no light.Not custom-fit, niche needs adrift.
Fortress for bits: Top-notch security; speed takes flight.Service availability may vary in certain regions.

Lumen – Trial / Demo


Network as a Service for MSSP

Masergy, in collaboration with Comcast Business, is pioneering the future of networking, offering cutting-edge SD-WAN solutions that empower businesses to stay ahead. 

As a rapidly growing Network as a Service for MSSP, Masergy ensures global connectivity with a focus on security and innovation. Enables enterprises to overcome the challenges of outmoded networks.

Masergy’s commitment to flexibility, reliability, and future preparedness ensures that corporate IT infrastructures are well-prepared for today’s demands and tomorrow’s innovations. 

Helps businesses overcome post-pandemic challenges by offering strong services and reliable connections for smooth operations.

With Masergy AIOps, let AI handle issues seamlessly for fully autonomous networks, eliminating manual management hurdles. 

IT’s off-kilter with complex systems and limited resources. Executives turn to Masergy for streamlined SD-WAN, SASE solutions, enhancing productivity through automation.


  • Provides a safe, expandable, and adaptable WAN design.
  • Combines several contact tools so that working together is easy.
  • Full protection services to keep you safe from threats.
  • Increases customer engagement through help across all channels.
  • Automates network jobs and helps teams that work in different places work together well.
Performance OptimizationComplexity of management
Agility and ScalabilityLimited customization options
Simplified ManagementLimited global reach

Masergy – Trial / Demo


NaaS presents a significant chance for MSSPs to improve their service offerings, streamline operations, and meet their clients’ increasing demands for adaptable, cost-efficient, and secure network solutions.

By implementing strategic planning and precise execution, MSSPs can successfully navigate the obstacles and optimize the advantages of NaaS.

This will allow them to establish themselves as frontrunners in the fiercely competitive managed security services market.

The outlook for NaaS in the MSSP industry appears optimistic, propelled by the ongoing advancements in cloud technologies, the increasing cybersecurity risks, and the rising demand for adaptable and expandable network solutions.

With the continuous improvement of security features, integration of artificial intelligence, and the addition of machine learning capabilities, NaaS providers are enhancing their offerings. As a result, MSSPs can derive even greater value from these services.

In order to achieve success in this field, it is crucial to carefully choose NaaS partners, develop strong strategies for integration and compliance management, and continuously adapt to the changing needs of clients in the ever-evolving digital world.

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