Mobile App Security Scanners

Introduction :

In this era, mobile technology and smartphone are trendy terms often used.

90% of the population holds a smartphone in their hands.

Their purpose is not only to “call” other parties but to use other features like Bluetooth, camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, and many other applications.

Mobile app security scanners play an essential role in detecting vulnerabilities.

When you test the software application to develop the mobile device for usability, performance, functionality, security, etc., it’s called Mobile Application Testing.

It also includes hacking, authorization, authentication, vulnerabilities, session management, data security, and more.

Mobile app security testing is essential for various reasons, but portable app scanners prevent fraud attacks or malware infections.

It is essential to have security testing from per business perspective. Still, sometimes tester may find it problematic that time mobile app security testing tool ensures that the mobile app is secure.

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Top Ten Mobile App Security Scanners 2024
1. Android Debug Bridge
2. SandDroid
3. App-Ray
4. Drozer
5. Kiuwan
6. Quixxi
7. StacoAn
8. Ostorlab
9. Micro Focus
10. Synopsys
Top Ten Mobile App Security Scanners 2024 Features
Final Thoughts
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Top Ten Mobile App Security Scanners 2024

  • Android Debug Bridge
  • SandDroid
  • App-Ray
  • Drozer
  • Kiuwan
  • Quixxi
  • StacoAn
  • Ostorlab
  • Micro Focus
  • Synopsys

Top Ten Mobile App Security Scanners 2024 Features

Android Debug BridgeFeatures
1. Android Debug Bridge1. Command-line tool for managing Android devices
2. Allows communication between a computer and an Android device
3. Enables installing and uninstalling apps on Android devices
4. Facilitates accessing and modifying system files on Android devices
2. SandDroid1. Android app analysis tool
2. Identifies potentially harmful behaviors
3. Analyzes app permissions and activities
4. Detects privacy leaks and vulnerabilities
3. App-Ray1. Mobile app security analysis tool
2. Identifies security vulnerabilities in apps
3. Detects malware and malicious behavior
4. Analyzes app permissions and activities
4. Drozer1. Comprehensive Android security testing framework
2. Identifies security vulnerabilities in Android apps
3. Explores and interacts with app components
4. Conducts dynamic analysis of apps
5. Kiuwan1. Application security testing
2. Code quality analysis
3. Software metrics and analytics
4. Vulnerability detection
6. Quixxi1. Mobile app protection and security
2. Code obfuscation and anti-tampering measures
3. App integrity and anti-reverse engineering
4. Secure key storage and encryption
7. StacoAn1. Lightweight, robust, elegant syntax highlighting
2. Dex to Java decompiler. 
3. jQuery tree view/tree grid plugin. 
4. With Simple API JSZip is a javascript library for creating, reading and editing .zip files
8. Ostorlab1. Mobile app security testing platform
2. Identifies vulnerabilities and weaknesses in apps
3. Scans for insecure coding practices
4. Analyzes app permissions and data storage
9. Micro Focus1. Enterprise software solutions
2. Application development and testing
3. IT operations management
4. Data protection and security
1. Software testing and analysis tools
2. Identifies security vulnerabilities and weaknesses
3. Analyzes software code for defects and bugs
4. Conducts static and dynamic analysis
10. Synopsys

1. Android Debug Bridge

Mobile App Security Scanners
Android Debug Bridge

Everyone is aware that Google developed the Android OS.

The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a program that allows you to communicate with your connected Android device using the command line.

To test the safety of mobile apps, it can also function as an emulator.

Several Android devices and emulators can be connected to using it as a client-server tool.

You can’t separate ADB from the Android Studio IDE.

It facilitates the execution of shell commands and the real-time monitoring of system events.

ADB can communicate with a select few devices, including WI-FI, USB, and Bluetooth.

For the Android SDK package, it also works rather often.


  • Logcat and fixing problems with getting information
  • Taking screenshots and recording your screen
  • Taking care of services and processes on devices
  • Moving things back and forth between the device and the computer
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Device ManagementComplexity
App DebuggingSecurity Risks
Automation and ScriptingPotential for Bricking
Screen Recording and ScreenshotsLimited Accessibility

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2. SandDroid

Mobile App Security Scanners

Thanks to the tool’s ability to do both static and dynamic analyses, you’ll get a thorough report.

To acquire the full 50 MB, you’ll need to upload both APK and Zip files.

The research team at Botnet and Xi’an Jiaotong University created this tool.

At the moment, it can do the following:

The file size and version of the SDK determine this.

Additionally, it monitors phone calls, SMS, and data leakage.

It scores and acts in a risky manner.

Factors such as API sensitivity, network data, IP distribution analysis, and code features all play a role.


  • Analysis of network communication
  • Looking at resources and code
  • Finding holes in security and safety risks
  • Reporting in detail how apps are used
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
App AnalysisDependence on App Submission
Privacy Leak DetectionLack of Real-Time Protection
Malware Detection
Permission Analysis

3. App-Ray


By utilizing MDM, MAM, or EMM, App-Ray verifies the mobile application from an unknown source, keeps vulnerabilities at bay, and delivers a reputation.

Protect your data from harmful apps with this scanner that can detect threats before they harm it.

Data can now function automatically and elegantly thanks to its integration with vulnerabilities and the application.

You have the ability to activate the action whenever you see a threat.

It uses data mapping and network traffic analysis tools developed for the military, including tools for decrypting communications.

The two types of code that App-Ray uses are static and dynamic. Static code addresses encryption-related difficulties.

It also carries out anti-debugging and data leaks. Instrumental behavior is another dynamic one; it accesses communication data and executes unmodified testing.

Both iOS and Android apps are compatible with this utility.


  • Review of how encryption and data keeping are done
  • Find out about data leaks
  • Reporting in detail on security issues
  • Tips on how to keep apps safe
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
App Security AnalysisPlatform Limitations
Malware DetectionDependency on Updates
Permission Analysis
Compliance Checking

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4. Drozer

Mobile App Security Scanners

MWR InfoSecurity’s Drozer is one of the best mobile app security services.

With locations in numerous countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Singapore, this cyber security firm first opened its virtual doors in 2003.

Among the most rapidly expanding businesses, they offer services in fields as diverse as mobile security, security research, and more.

For Android devices, Drozer is a top-notch security scanner that mimics testing procedures.

The Android platform is the only one that can use this because it runs Java independently.

It finds vulnerabilities in other technologies and provides remedies for cybersecurity as well.

It can detect the danger zone of an Android app on its own.


  • Trying to find similar security problems
  • Checking for flaws in code and resources
  • An analysis of how apps store data and protect it
  • The ability to script and automate
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Comprehensive Android Security TestingTechnical Complexity
Dynamic Application AnalysisDevelopment and Maintenance
Vulnerability Detection
Permission and Behavior Analysis

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5. Kiuwan


When it comes to security testing, Kiuwan is head and shoulders above the competition thanks to its comprehensive, all-encompassing methodology.

Both static code analysis and software composition analysis are compatible with this security testing.

It includes automation at every step of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

It has an integrated development environment (IDE) level and covers the primary language, a popular framework for mobile development.


  • Adding support for developer tools
  • Support for shipping and continuous integration
  • Analysis of code coverage
  • Evaluation of risks and setting priorities
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Comprehensive Application SecuritySupport and Documentation
Code Quality AssessmentPlatform Limitations
Integration and Support for Multiple Languages
Actionable Insights and Reporting

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6. Quixxi

Mobile App Security Scanners

Mobile analytics, revenue recovery, app security, etc. are the primary areas of concentration here.

This is where you’ll put the files for your iOS and Android apps so we can check them for vulnerabilities.

You should allow a short amount of time after scanning to receive the vulnerability report.

A comprehensive summary will be provided to you.

You must register as an applicant on their website for free in order to obtain the entire report.


  • Response to and reporting of threats in real time
  • Protect the sale and licensing of apps
  • Analytics and performance tracking for apps
  • Crash reports and keeping track of errors
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Mobile App ProtectionNot all platforms can be used or supported.
App Analytics and Performance MonitoringThe user design could be hard to understand.
App Distribution and Licensing
Crash Reporting and Error Tracking

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7. StacoAn


Both programmers and ethical hackers can benefit from this top-tier mobile app security analyzer.

This tool is compatible with multiple platforms and can examine every line of code for issues such as API keys, hardcoded credentials, API URLs, and coding mistakes.

Improved graphical advice and usability are the primary goals of this application.

Although it now only works with APK files, it will soon be able to handle IPA files as well.

You may make a portable visual report using this open-source StacoAn.

A more satisfying experience could be yours as a user if you seek personalization.

You may access the loot page by using the “loot function,” which allows you to highlight valuable finds and see them all at once.

This program is compatible with a wide variety of file formats, including XML, HTML, Java, and JavaScript.

What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Vulnerability ScanningLimited Platform Support
Threat IntelligenceThe complexity of Remediation
Compliance Checking
Risk Assessment

8. Ostorlab


You can use this top-notch app security scanner to check both iOS and Android apps and get detailed information about what it found.

When it gives you information, it gives you a lot of it.

Just a few minutes from now, you can obtain the security scan results by uploading the APK or IPA file.


  • Checking the safety of network data
  • An study of both static and dynamic apps
  • Advice and fixes for security
  • Integration with work flows for developers
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Comprehensive Mobile App SecurityDependency on Internet Connectivity
Automated TestingLearning Curve
Platform Coverage
Detailed Analysis and Reports


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9. Micro Focus

Micro Focus

They were already the biggest software company in the world when Micro Focus and HPE Software merged.

It has 6,000 people working out of its Newbury headquarters.

This business brings about $1.3 billion per year.

In areas such as Hybrid IT, DevOps, Security & Risk Management, etc., its primary goal is to provide the right item.

With this instrument, you can conduct comprehensive security testing across a wide range of platforms, servers, devices, and networks.

It employs a versatile delivery approach and strengthens performance with mobile security testing.

Vulnerabilities in client, network, and server security are detected.

We can scan for and detect the malware with its help.

Our mobile app security scanner is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and Microsoft.

The scheduled scan yields the precise result.


  • Security and control of endpoints
  • Predictive data and learning by machine
  • Business Continuity and Recovery from Disaster
  • Service control for IT
What is Good ?What Could Be Better ?
Wide Range of SolutionsMaintenance and Updates
Industry ExperienceDependency on Legacy Systems
Integration Capabilities

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10. Synopsys


Launched in 1986, Synopsys Technology is a software firm based in the US. Currently, the company has 11,000 employees and generates $2.6 billion in revenue.

Its global network of offices spans the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

For all your mobile security testing needs, it’s got you covered.

This guarantees the program becomes secure and quickly discovers any risks it may have.

Users can tailor mobile app testing with static and dynamic techniques because many bugs can come.

For optimal mobile app security testing, use this tool’s mix of numerous techniques.

Its primary goal is the delivery of software free of defects in the production environment.

Because it increases quality while decreasing expenses, Synopsys is the ideal option in every case.

Additionally, it fixes the security hole in APIs.


  • Checking the quality and dependability of software
  • Analysis of how well software works
  • Finding violations of compliance
  • Help with managing vulnerabilities and fixing them
What is Good ?What could Be Better ?
Comprehensive Software SolutionsSupport and Documentation
Industry ExpertiseInterpretation bias can skew understanding.
Robust Security Offerings
Integration and Compatibility

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Final Thoughts

We hope these mobile app security scanners will help you get the best mobile application security per your requirement to fix every finding.

Since you are a security professional, reading this will help you understand your best.

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