9.4GB Twitter Data Leaked Online

Researchers at Cyber Press discovered a 9.4GB leaked Twitter user data containing nearly 200 million user data records. This leak, sourced from a Twitter database or scrape, represents one of the largest exposures of user data in recent times.

The leaked data includes email addresses, names, and Twitter account details, leaving users vulnerable to phishing attacks, identity theft, and social engineering schemes. Malicious actors can exploit this data to compromise further accounts and systems linked to the affected email addresses.


The Database was first reported on a well-known hacking forum for data leaks and breaches, where a user named “michupa” created a new account on July 7, 2024, to release the massive Twitter database exclusively. The data is divided into 10 files, each containing 1 GB of data, and is publicly available for download.

Leaked Twitter Dataase posted in the Data breach forums (Source: Cyberpress.org)

The Cyber Press Team has verified the accuracy of the email addresses for several of the listed Twitter profiles, but the complete data set has not yet been confirmed. The exact date of the breach is unknown, but it is believed to have occurred recently.

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The Research found 10 files, each containing a substantial amount of data, specifically 1 GB. The unique names of the following identify these files.

Leaked Twitter database files uploaded in the cloud (Source: Cyberpress.org)
  • Twitter_Full_b1nd.net.7z.001
  • Twitter_Full_b1nd.net.7z.002
  • Twitter_Full_b1nd.net.7z.003
  • Twitter_Full_b1nd.net.7z.004
  • Twitter_Full_b1nd.net.7z.005
  • Twitter_Full_b1nd.net.7z.006
  • Twitter_Full_b1nd.net.7z.007
  • Twitter_Full_b1nd.net.7z.008
  • Twitter_Full_b1nd.net.7z.009

In response to this leak, the Cyber Press Team strongly advises users and organizations to take immediate action to protect their accounts and data. Recommendations include:

  • Changing passwords and enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) on Twitter accounts.
  • Being vigilant of suspicious emails or messages attempting to exploit the leaked information.
  • Monitoring accounts for any unusual activity and reporting incidents to Twitter support.
  • Review and strengthen data protection and security measures.
  • Conduct regular security audits to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.
  • Educate employees about the risks of phishing and social engineering attacks.

The Cyber Press Team has contacted Twitter to inform them of the data leak and is awaiting a response. This incident highlights the critical importance of robust cybersecurity practices and vigilance in the face of ongoing data breaches. Cyber Press will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as new information emerges.

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Kaaviya is a Security Editor and fellow reporter with Cyber Security News. She is covering various cyber security incidents happening in the Cyber Space.