Malware in Minecraft mods Games Attack more than 1 Million Android Users

Recently, many hackers are taking advantage of the most popular game Minecraft; its first version was launched in 2009, and still, it is popular among gamers. However, Kaspersky cybersecurity researchers have found more than 20 of these apps and ascertained that all these apps had been downloaded on more than a million Android devices.

Using these malicious apps, the threat actors are taking advantage of the Minecraft sandbox video game’s wild victory by producing Google Play apps, which resemble to be Minecraft modpacks, but instead delivers offensive ads. 

We all know that these malicious Android apps have a custom of finding their way into the Google Play store outwardly getting seized by the usual security protections. But, there is a very common method that is used by the threat actors, and this method often seems to succeed. 

Fake Minecraft mods

Many fake Minecraft mods have been found on Google Play, and after investigating these apps, the experts found that the most ordinary of them had more than 500 installations, and the most famous has more than 1 million installations. 

However, the security experts have already removed these fake apps from the Google Play Store, but there are still five apps left that are not yet removed, and here we have mentioned them below:-

  • Zone Modding Minecraft
  • Textures for Minecraft ACPE
  • Seeded for Minecraft ACPE
  • Mods for Minecraft ACPE
  • Darcy Minecraft Mod

Fake mods on the Device

Due to this malicious attack, the users are suffering a lot; the security experts affirmed that in the case of a smartphone, the “modpack” lets itself be unlocked once, but at that time, it doesn’t store any mods. 

In this situation, the user closes the app, and soon all its data immediately vanishes. Not only this, the app icon disappears from the smartphone’s menu. In these times, the users don’t bother themselves regarding the app; however, the apps remain on the smartphone.

Later, the apps start displaying the ads, and every two minutes, these ads start meddling with regular smartphone use. Whatever apps the users open, all these abusive ads start resembling.

How to Remove These Malicious Minecraft Modpacks

According to the Kaspersky report, the most disturbing point about the fake Minecraft mods is that their victims have to go from a very hard time, as it takes a lot of time to figure out why their browser keeps opening.

Apart from this, the users conclude that the problem lies in the browser, and they think that uninstalling and reinstalling the browser will not retaliate the issue, and neither will tinkering with settings.

The users can overcome this issue by getting rid of the malicious app; after recognizing the malicious app, the users must find it in device settings, and then they can delete it from there. Once the user is done with the procedure, these misbehaving modpacks get easily obliterated from the device, and they do not try to restore themselves.

Moreover, the Minecraft players were also targeted on Google Play at the beginning of this month by fraudsters offering premium skins. However, the experts asserted that the Google Play store needs to obtain more restrictions and control over their Play Store, or else the users won’t be able to trust any of the available apps on the store.

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BALAJI is an Ex-Security Researcher (Threat Research Labs) at Comodo Cybersecurity. Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder - Cyber Security News & GBHackers On Security.