KnowBe4 to Acquire Egress for Aids in Email Awareness Training

KnowBe4, the leader in security awareness training and simulated phishing platforms, has announced its definitive agreement to acquire Egress, a pioneer in adaptive and integrated cloud email security.

This acquisition is set to create the most extensive, AI-driven cybersecurity platform focused on managing human-related risks.


Strategic Expansion

KnowBe4, renowned for its comprehensive approach to security training, is taking a significant leap forward by adding Egress’ Intelligent Email Security suite to its arsenal.

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Egress is celebrated for its AI-enabled security tools, which boast adaptive learning capabilities. These capabilities are crucial for defending against sophisticated email threats.

Stu Sjouwerman, CEO of KnowBe4, emphasized the strategic importance of the acquisition: “The future of security lies in personalized AI-driven controls and real-time coaching.

Integrating Egress technologies will allow us to offer a unified platform that enhances our existing services and sets a new standard in the industry.”

Enhancing Cybersecurity with AI

The merger is expected to revolutionize how organizations handle email security by providing a single platform that dynamically aggregates threat intelligence.

This platform will offer AI-based email security and training, automatically tailored to the specific risk levels of different user groups.

“By providing a single platform from KnowBe4 and Egress, our customers will benefit from differentiated aggregate threat detection to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats and foster a strong security culture,” Sjouwerman added.

Tony Pepper, CEO of Egress, also commented on the merger, highlighting the shared goals between the two companies:

“KnowBe4 and Egress share a vision of delivering tailored and relevant security to each employee. One of the biggest challenges organizations face is accurately identifying the next source of compromise and why.


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This acquisition is not just a win for KnowBe4 and Egress but also for the cybersecurity industry.

It addresses a critical need for integrated solutions that can effectively manage the human element in security, which, according to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report, is involved in 74 percent of incidents.

As the deal progresses, the cybersecurity community will keenly watch how this acquisition influences the broader landscape of email security and training.

With a more robust, integrated platform, KnowBe4 is poised to lead the charge in developing cutting-edge solutions that enhance organizational resilience against cyber threats.

The acquisition of Egress by KnowBe4 marks a pivotal development in cybersecurity. It promises enhanced security measures and innovative solutions that could set new industry standards.

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