India Bans 47 Chinese Apps That Are Cloned version of 59 Apps Banned; 275 Apps including PUBG on Radar

We all know that India banned 59 Chinese apps last month, and now as a second digital strike, India banned 47 more Chinese apps, which include the clones and different variants of some of the original applications.

According to the reports, along with the 47 apps, India is also carefully analyzing to ban the popular gaming app PUBG as well. Rather than PUBG, other apps are also on the radar, and they are Zili, AliExpress, and Russo from ByteDance and many more.

The reason for banning these 47 apps are the same as when they banned the previous 57 Chinese apps. The government will reveal the list of the 47 apps that are soon going to be banned.

As currently, the government is investigating the list of all these Chinese apps that are on the hit list, as this app comes in the violation of national security and user privacy.


Among all these apps, the most wanted app is PUBG, and it is one of the popular apps in the country, as PUBG has nearly 175 million downloads. This app has always been scrutinized by most people and given the tag of the most addictive game.

Though, the apps are not yet prohibited, as some investigations are still being carried out in these apps. Rather than this, the list also consists of 14 Mi apps by Xiaomi, and some apps belong to other Chinese internet and tech companies, like Meitu, LBE Tech, Perfect Corp, Sina Corp, Netease Games, Yoozoo Global, and many more.

List of Apps Banned

These are the confirmed apps among the new 47 that are soon going to be banned by the government of India:-

  • Zili
  • AliExpress
  • Russo
  • PUBG
  • Meitu
  • LBE Tech
  • Perfect Corp
  • Sina Corp
  • Netease Games
  • Yoozoo Global
  • TikTok Lite
  • Helo Lite
  • Shareit Lite
  • Bigo Lite
  • VFY Lite

There are other reasons behind banning these 47 apps, as the government is worried regarding the data collection and data harvesting uses of these apps and observes that these methods may be unfavorable to the security of the country. 

This list of apps has been selected as per the violation of the security of the country, and these steps by the government will go a long way.

Moreover, the government of Indian has sent a long list of several questions to Chinese app developers, and there are many organizations they are yet to answer to the questionnaire.

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