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Top 10 Security Incident Response Tools to Quickly Detect Cyberattacks

Incident Response Tools

Incident response is a methodology which organization uses to detect, analyse, manage and respond a cyberattack. It helps to reduce the damage and do the fast recovery as quickly as possible. There are several incident response tools often used by the organization to detect and mitigate the cyberattack. here we have list some of the most important cyber incident response tools that widely used with most sophisticated features.

As you know investigation is always required to safeguard your future you must learn the attack and be prepared for it. Security Incident Response Tool has to be available for every organisation to identify and addressed the exploits, malware, cyberattacks, and other external security threats.

These Incident Response Tools usually work with other traditional security solutions like firewalls and antivirus, to analyse the attacks before it happens. For doing this appropriately, these tools gather the information from the logs, identity system, endpoints, etc. it also notices the suspicious actives in the system.

If we use these Incident Response Tools it becomes easy for us to quickly monitor, resolve, and identify security issues. It streamlines the process and eliminates the repeated task manually. Maximum modern tools have multiple capacities where they can block, and detect the threat and they can even alert the security teams to investigate further issues.

Security terms are different for the different areas, and it completely depends on the organization’s needs. In this case, pleases select the best tool is always challenging, and it also has to give you the right solution.

Top 10 Security Incident Response Tools

  1. ManageEngine
  2. IBM QRadar
  3. SolarWinds
  4. Sumo Logic
  5. AlientVault
  6. LogRhythm
  7. Rapid7 InsightlDR
  8. Splunk
  9. Varonis
  10. Dynatrace



This is one of the best Incident Response Tools which focuses and analyzes the various logs and takes care of the security. It also identifies the log server and reports the unusual thing to the records. It catches very easily unauthorized access in the IT system of the organization very easy.

There are a few target areas like web servers, databases, DHCP servers, email service, etc. they provide essential service. This application works on Linux systems, and Windows and this has data protection standards like HIPPA, DSS, PCI, ISO 27001, etc.

IBM QRadar

IBM QRadar

It is one of the widely used Incident Response tools that understand the threats and prioritized all responses. Any data first correlates against the threat then it shows its intelligence and vulnerability. It also tracks the threat, and they do penetrate and propagate the threat through the system.

This application creates an intelligent insight that helps to detect the security issue. It allows finding the root cause, which helps to eliminate the threats and stop spreading quickly. This is the complete solution that can diversify the features including risk and security to stimulate the potential attackers. 

This is best for medium and large-scale businesses, and it can deploy all the hardware, software, cloud, SaaS environment. It quickly analyzes the threat of bulk data.



This is an another very good Incident response tools in log management and reporting. It gives a real-time incident response. SolarWinds analyze and identify the threats quickly and allow teams to monitor and address the threat.

This tool is very simple for visualization which allows the user to identify suspicious activity. It also has a dashboard that gives the details of every threat which helps the developers to detect the problem.

This SolarWinds has an option for automates threat response; through this, you can monitor USB drives. It also allows you to do log filtering and has node management options. This is best for all types of business and works with Linux and Windows.

Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic

This is a cloud-based intelligent security platform, that does the best analysis and works with SIEM solutions. This is a multi-cloud platform that also provides a hybrid environment.

This platform gives you a machine learning experience to enhance threat detection. It also investigates and solves the security issue in real-time. It is completely based on a unified data model, which allows the security teams to consolidate the security analytics.

For using this, it does not need any costly hardware and upgraded software. It provides real-time security visibility to the organization so that it can quickly identify isolated threats. This configures the security system and monitors the infrastructure, applications, etc.



AlienVault is one of the very comprehensive Incident Response Tools for threat detection. AlientVault is also best for compliance management so that it can provide the best security monitoring. It can do all types of remediation for the cloud environment.

It also includes multiple security capabilities like detection, asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, inventory, event correlation, compliance checks, email alerts, etc. AlientVault is affordable in cost which is very easy to implement and it uses the USM tool which relies on lightweight sensors.

This works like an endpoint agent which can detect the threat in real-time. It has a flexible plan for any organization to see the threat. A single web portal is enough to monitor everything.


This accommodates all types of superior features which does the log correlation with artificial intelligence. It even works for behavioral analysis by using artificial intelligence and analyze the traffic. LogRhythm works with platforms like Windows and Linux systems.


Its data storage is very flexible, and it is also suitable for fragmented workflow. It also provides the extra addition for threat detection, though the data is not structured.

This does not have properly structured data, no good visibility or automation, etc. This is best for small and big businesses and it works with windows and other network sites. This is compatible with different logs and devices.

Rapid7 InsightlDR

Rapid7 InsightlDR

This is a very powerful security solution that works for the best as endpoint visibility, authentication monitoring, and many other things.

This SIEM tool does the data collection, search, analysis features, phishing, malware, etc. It detects quickly any suspicious activities for both internal and external users.

This has advanced deception technology which detects the user’s behavioral analytics. It also has other discovery features like file integrity monitoring, log management, and much more.

This is a suitable tool for any scan where they do real-time detection of all types of security threats for small, large, and medium-sized businesses. It provides the proper search at the end and helps to make a quick and smart decision.



This is mainly used for machine learning and AI technology which are actionable, predictive, and effective. It also enhanced the security features and customized the statical analysis, investigation, incident review, classification, dashboard, etc.

For doing the SaaS deployment, it is suitable for all types of businesses, including small and large. Due to its scalability, it includes other assistance like healthcare, financial service, and the public sector.

Splunk can quickly establish the risk score, good in alert management, and provides a fast and effective response.



This is a very handy tool that mainly uses for infrastructure, data access, usage, users, etc. Varonis provides also provides alerts, actionable reports, customization, flexibility, and other suspicious activity. It also gives the comprehensive dashboard where user can analyze the security terms which add the visibility in their data and system.

It is a very good tool for an email system where unstructured data is available and it gives the best response for resolving the issues. It can immediately block the user who attempts access without permission or used an unauthorized IP address for login to the organization network.

This varonis is an incident response tool that provides enhanced insight and alerts before any attack. It provides LogRhythm and enhances threat detection; it never fails from the responsibility and responds correctly. It streamlines the operation, which very quickly investigates the threats for the users.



This is one of the best Inciden tesponse tools which can simplify cloud complexity. It also does accelerate digital transformation and gives the automatic observability scale.

If we talk about Dynatrace, it has a huge underlying infrastructure where users can make faster innovation. It can collaborate everything very efficiently with less effort.

Many large enterprises trust this software tool that is not only modernized and also automates cloud operation. It also delivers an unrivaled digital experience.

Conclusion about Incident Response Tools

Cyber-attacks and threats are increasing day by day, so we need to keep track of everything so that your business goes safe. There are the above Incident Response Tools that help to monitor the logs, detect many suspicious activities, protect data, and many other things

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