How Modern Technologies Affect the SHARP Army Education System? 

Meta description: Technology impacts education and training across institutes in several ways. Here, we’ll cover how modern technology affects the SHARP army education system.

Many sexual harassments and assault incidences that affect army officers occur in the line of duty. Such negative incidents happening to army officers directly affect their performance at work. Most victims of sexual violence fear speaking to avoid victimization. 

The SHARP education system provides a platform for an army officer to speak out anonymously without fear. The program creates awareness intending to stop sexual harassment and victimization. Modern technologies have been vital in the success of the SHARP army education system. 

What is the SHARP education program?

The SHARP program aims to prevent sexual assault and to help victims speak out. It has been integrated into the civilian education system today. A tutor is engaged to teach SHARP education in school and instill sexual harassment knowledge to students. The program uses different technologies to train participants. 

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What is the importance of the SHARP army program?

For many days, there had been complaints of sexual harassment and assault across all the army departments. The most affected are military officers. They are mainly deployed in combat fields such as foreign missions. Those in camps in various places within the US have also fallen victim. 

Eliminating sexual harassment in the military is to create a defense force that is ready, cohesive, and highly productive. The first force was established in 2004. It was to investigate, report, and create policies that would address the situation. This is how the SHARP program was created. It was integrated with the POSH program to help deal with both sexual assault and harassment. 

The first convictions were achieved in 2008, four years after its launch. It was necessary to start training to educate soldiers, including their leaders. Education included training on preventive measures and how to communicate after an assault. The SHARP army academy mostly trains remotely. There was a need to integrate the SHARP military education with civilian education courses. 

The introduction of Virtual technologies in the SHARP army education system

Soldiers can be deployed for missions anytime when a need arises. This makes it harder to offer them face-to-face SHARP training. Since 2012, the army has continually created new training initiatives. Modern technologies have played a critical role in implementing new training strategies. 

One of the strategies started in 2012 was Mobile Training Teams. The initiative targeted remote training sessions and trained 24,000 soldiers within one year. Since then, more technologies have been adopted to make the training experience better. 

Use of VR and AR training solutions

Virtual reality and augmented reality are one of the training solutions adopted by the army. Adaptation of this technology was necessitated by the outbreak of the pandemic. It was no longer possible to offer training in camps or barracks. The need for distancing became a priority over training. Although the soldiers were separated by distance, AR and VR technologies helped them to continue with training. 

After distance restrictions were vacated, the army didn’t stop the use of technology. The training is done in live, virtual classes. Part of the training includes gaming to encourage self-development skills among the soldiers. Gaming technology provided by AR and VR is particularly important in training sessions. 

The army is developing more technologies to enhance the training experience. The main advantage of using AR and VR technologies in training is the flexibility it offers. Another major advantage is the ability to conduct personalized training. Each soldier receives customized training that fits their unique needs. 

The effectiveness of the ELITE program

ELITE is an acronym for Emergent Leader Immersive Training Environment. It was started due to a gap that other training strategies didn’t fill. The SHARP training failed to capture the finer details of dealing with sexual assault. Due to this, the department of defense enlisted several partners. 

The main one was the US Army Simulation and Training Technology Center. The other one was the Institute for Creative Technologies based at the University of Southern California. Together, they developed the ELITE program. It features thirteen sexual harassment incidences that a soldier is likely to face. 

The trainees are engaged in a role-playing game and respond correctly. They have to unlock certain course elements only by correct reactions. They can then review the training to see where they missed the correction actions. The course was integrated to fill the gap in the SHARP program. Trainees responded positively, and today, they are recording 40% enhanced performance in the SHARP academy. 

Speaking out using the ELITE technology

The ELITE program proved workable in helping victims to speak out. The technology uses an avatar meaning the soldier speaks to a virtual person. When the soldier is not speaking to an actual person, they will feel freer to speak out without fear. The army language is different from the civilian language, and the ELITE program is created to understand the army language. 

Its idea was taken from a Navy virtual program template. The experts then developed it into a counseling program. The SHARP program today has been integrated with the ELITE program. The purpose of the latter is to offer interactive counseling to affected soldiers. One unit of the training involves senior non-commissioned army officers. It aims to help them support cadets to prevent sexual harassment. 

The second level involves junior officers advocating against sexual harassment. The third level involves cadets, although the entire training will eventually become standardized. Modern technologies are revolutionizing the SHARP army education system today. 


The SHARP army training initiative was developed in 2012 to offer training to soldiers. It was started due to a need to help stop sexual assaults among soldiers through training. Today, the initiative has accomplished much and adopted modern technologies. The latest technologies used by the program are AR, VR, and ELITE, a program developed specifically for soldiers. 

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