Holiday Season Cyber Alert: Reflectiz Declares War on Magecart

Reflectiz, a cybersecurity company specializing in continuous web threat management, offers an exclusive, fully remote solution to battle Magecart web-skimming attacks, a popular cyberattack involving injecting malicious code into the checkout pages.

As the Holiday Season approaches, online retailers face the challenge of protecting their websites against the growing threat of malicious attacks, such as Magecart. However, they struggle to add new security layers due to restrictions on modifying their website code to avoid impacting website performance during the peak shopping season.


Reflectiz, a unique web security tool, ensures 100% readiness for Magecart attacks before and during the Holiday Season.

This is made possible by Reflectiz’s external, non-intrusive solution, which requires no code implementation or IT resources. Your website(s) will be fully protected within days, and there will be no impact on your website’s performance. 

Reflectiz automatically detects third-party code changes, keylogging, and communication with malicious domains to prevent Magecart web-skimming attacks. It overcomes the most sophisticated malware obfuscation techniques, lets you track changes, prioritize issues, and implement alerts according to their severity level, empowering you to act before the damage is done.

Despite being so powerful, Reflectiz does not affect website performance. It has zero impact on your IT resources and requires no installation on the client. It begins protecting your web assets within days, ensuring continuous monitoring of all crucial and sensitive web pages, not just checkout pages. 

“Reflectiz understands the challenges faced by online retailers during this busy time of the year. In fact, in 2023, Reflectiz detected Magecart attacks on more than 150 websites, and the count is still rising. Our advanced technology enables the automatic detection of sophisticated threats throughout your entire online environment, all with quick and easy external implementation. You will be up and running within days” – Ysrael Gurt, Co-founder & CTO, Reflectiz.

Sign up for our exclusive offer today, and get the ideal head start in the war on Magecart.


Marketing Director

Daniel Sharabi


[email protected]