Hackers Trick Windows Users With Malicious Ads to Deliver Malware

Malvertising campaigns often trick victims with near-perfect replicas of software vendor sites.

To easily trick their victims and achieve their malicious purposes, threat actors target popular software vendors like-

  • Webex
  • AnyDesk
  • KeePass

Cybersecurity researchers at Malwarebytes recently identified a malicious campaign that mimics the WindowsReport[.]com portal to distribute a malicious CPU-Z installer. The targeted site attracts geeks and admins seeking:-

  • Computer reviews
  • Computer tips
  • Computer software

In this malicious campaign, hackers actively target Windows users with malicious ads to deliver malware.

Hackers Trick Windows Users

Threat actors replicated the content of Windows Report for deceptive purposes, but the portal is still secure. 

Windows Report Clone (Source – Malwarebytes)

This is part of a broader malvertising campaign targeting utilities like:-

Besides this, cybersecurity analysts at Malwarebytes have already alerted Google about this incident for an immediate takedown.

An advertiser using Scott Cooper’s likely spoof or hacked name appears in a misleading advertisement for the Windows program CPU-Z.

Misleading advertisement (Source – Malwarebytes)

Threat actors use cloaking to evade detection. While the non-target clicks show a standard blog, for victims, the “corporatecomf[.]online” site redirects to “workspace-app[.]online.”

Website redirection (Source – Malwarebytes)

A mimic domain, resembling WindowsReport[.]com, deceives users searching for CPU-Z. The download page may seem legitimate, but the URL doesn’t match.

Several domains are hosted at the IP address as part of malvertising activities. Apart from this, a malicious PowerShell script, along with the FakeBat loader, is included in the payload, which is a signed MSIX installer.

MSIX installer (Source – Malwarebytes)

The actor mimicked Windows Report as users often download utilities from such sites. Legitimacy is increased by the signed MSI installer, and by replacing a PowerShell script, MSI loaders provide simple modifications to the final payload.

In enterprises, verifying a file’s checksum through its SHA256 hash sum can ensure it’s flawless, matching the website of the vendor.

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Ad Domains

  • argenferia[.]com
  • realvnc[.]pro
  • corporatecomf[.]online
  • cilrix-corp[.]pro
  • thecoopmodel[.]com
  • winscp-apps[.]online
  • wireshark-app[.]online
  • cilrix-corporate[.]online
  • workspace-app[.]online

Payload URLs

  • thecoopmodel[.]com/CPU-Z-x86.msix
  • kaotickontracting[.]info/account/hdr.jpg
  • ivcgroup[.]in/temp/Citrix-x64.msix
  • robo-claim[.]site/order/team.tar.gpg
  • argenferia[.]com/RealVNC-x64.msix


  • 55d3ed51c3d8f56ab305a40936b446f761021abfc55e5cc8234c98a2c93e99e1
  • 9acbf1a5cd040c6dcecbe4e8e65044b380b7432f46c5fbf2ecdc97549487ca88
  • 419e06194c01ca930ed5d7484222e6827fd24520e72bfe6892cfde95573ffa16
  • cf9589665615375d1ad22d3b84e97bb686616157f2092e2047adb1a7b378cc95


  • 11234jkhfkujhs[.]site
  • 11234jkhfkujhs[.]top
  • 94.131.111[.]240
  • 81.177.136[.]179

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Gurubaran is a co-founder of Cyber Security News and GBHackers On Security. He has 10+ years of experience as a Security Consultant, Editor, and Analyst in cybersecurity, technology, and communications.