Governments Hacked REvil Ransomware Group & Forced To Go Offline

On an active international operation that was executed recently by the US along with the multi-country law enforcement agencies, the Notorious ransomware group REvil themselves became the target of hacking and were forced to curtail their activities on the network.

The direct victims of the Russian-led criminal gang include top meatpacker JBS (JBSS3.SA), and the Colonial Pipeline. But, right now after this chasing incident the website of the REvil ransomware group known as “Happy Blog” is no longer available.

This “Happy Blog” website is used by the operators of REvil to leak victim data and extort companies. While apart from this, Tom Kellermann, the adviser of the US Secret Service on cybercrime investigations, conversed about a joint operation by like-minded states that conducted insurgent actions against the hacking groups.

So, in this huge secret joint operation, their first target became the hackers from the REvil ransomware group. Since in recent times, this hacking group was in the limelight due to its attacks against several US departments.

According to the Routers report, the cybercriminals forum entries from the alias or user “0_neday,” who, probably, is one of the leaders of REvil has proclaimed that the group’s servers had been hacked by unknown persons and now he was “out of the game.”

Here’s what “0_neday” stated:-

“The server was compromised, and they were looking for me, so, Good luck, everyone; I’m off.”

While Tom Kellermann stated:-

“The FBI, in conjunction with Cyber Command, the Secret Service, and like-minded countries, has truly engaged in significant disruptive actions against these groups; and REvil was top of the list.”

The REvil ransomware group got into trouble this year after launching attacks on the two huge market players:-

And due to these high-profile attacks, it had to shut down its darknet sites and networks to remain under the hood.

But, the group unexpectedly returned again on September 9, and after their comeback, they restored their primary elements:-

  • Its websites
  • Payment portals

However, after their so-called hard revival trials, they failed to achieve their early success and limelight, and not only that even after their revival they also had to increase their partners’ commission to 90%.

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