GhostLocker – A New Generation of Ransomware-as-a-Service from Hacktivist Groups

The increasing number of ransomware is on the rise primarily due to its lucrative nature and the inherent obscurity it provides to malicious actors in the cyber realm.

Threat actors exploit ransomware because it allows them to extort significant sums of money from individuals, organizations, and even governments by encrypting valuable data and demanding a ransom for its release, making it an attractive avenue for illicit financial gain.

GhostSec-led hacktivist groups launched Ghost Locker, a new Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS). SiegedSec, GhostSec, and The Five Families collective unveiled GhostLocker, a new Ransomware-as-a-Service, on October 6th.

GhostLocker official Telegram channel
GhostLocker official Telegram channel (Source – Cyberint) 

GhostLocker Ransomware

It boasts advanced techniques, focuses on effectiveness, and offers infrastructure and negotiation support. Not only that even the GhostLocker charges affiliates a low fee of 15%.


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Therefore, several hacktivist groups aiming to sustain themselves through cybercrime are shifting to GhostLocker from their previous ransomware solutions.

GhostLocker RaaS is run by the hacktivist groups GhostSec and SiegedSec, formed in early 2022. While besides this, the ransomware groups, like Stormous, have joined GhostLocker. 

Stormous announcing they are going to use GhostLocker
Stormous announcing they are going to use GhostLocker (Source – Cyberint)

This association with The Five Families collective suggests a potential code overlap with StormousX, reads Cyberint report.

To advance their causes, hacktivists need costly tools and infrastructure, often turning to cybercrime for sustainability. 

GhostSec and SiegedSec, as part of The Five Families collective with Stormous, may sometimes face conflicts between their agendas and group contributions.

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