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FraudGPT: New Black Hat AI Tool Launched by Cybercriminals

Along with tech companies, cybercriminals are also actively leveraging generative AI models for creating AI-powered chatbots. The growing rise of generative AI models has dramatically changed the threat scenario.

Exploiting ChatGPT’s popularity, threat actors create a copycat hacker tool to facilitate malicious activities using deceptive chatbot services.

Cybersecurity researchers at the Netenrich threat research team recently uncovered “FraudGPT,” an AI bot exclusively designed for offensive activities, available on Dark Web markets and Telegram.

FraudGPT (Source – Netenrich)


Like WormGPT, FraudGPT uses a chat box to craft SMS phishing messages, effectively impersonating banks.

Not only that, but even for easier credit card theft, the bot can offer intel on ideal fraud websites and supply Visa bank IDs that are non-Verified.

Mimicking bank (Source – Netenrich)

By exploiting this new tool, FraudGPT, a skilled threat actor, can easily craft enticing emails to lure the recipients and make them click on the malicious links, which is crucial for BEC phishing campaigns.

Luring Email (Source – Netenrich)

FraudGPT is available on a subscription basis, with pricing ranging from $200 per month to $1,700 per year, providing hackers with an AI-driven resource to facilitate their malicious objectives.

Moreover, the developer highlighted the 3,000+ confirmed sales and reviews for FraudGPT on the forum and Telegram to lure threat actors.

FraudGPT Subscription Plans

Here below, we have mentioned all the subscription plans offered by the creator of FraudGPT:-

  • 1-month plan costs $200
  • 3-month plan costs $450
  • 6-month plan costs $1000
  • 12-month plan costs $1700

FraudGPT Features

Here below, we have mentioned all the key features of FraudGPT:-

  • Write malicious code
  • Create undetectable malware
  • Find non-VBV bins
  • Create phishing pages
  • Create hacking tools
  • Find groups, sites, markets
  • Write scam pages/letters
  • Find leaks, vulnerabilities
  • Learn to code/hack
  • Find cardable sites
  • Escrow available 24/7
  • 3,000+ confirmed sales/reviews

Advertised Activities

Ahead of the FraudGPT launch, on June 23, 2023, the threat actor established a Telegram Channel, posing as a verified vendor on Dark Web markets like:-

  • WHM
Threat Actor Profiling (Source – Netenrich)

Anticipating frequent exit scams in marketplaces, the threat actor opted for a Telegram Channel to offer services seamlessly.

On July 13, 2023, a new technology called WormGPT was introduced, similar to FraudGPT. Unfortunately, it is being used by both criminals and those with limited tech knowledge to exploit others for financial gain.

Over time, criminals have learned to work around safeguards put in place by experts, making it easier for them to carry out their harmful activities.

However, to mitigate threats like this, a robust defense-in-depth strategy, coupled with comprehensive security telemetry, is essential.

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