Fortra Warns of Hard-Coded Password Vulnerability in The Filecatalyst

Fortra has issued a critical security advisory regarding a hard-coded password vulnerability in its FileCatalyst software, explicitly affecting the TransferAgent component.

CVE-2024-5275 vulnerability poses a significant risk to users, potentially enabling machine-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacks.


CVE-2024-5275 – Vulnerability Description

The vulnerability stems from a hard-coded password in the FileCatalyst TransferAgent, which can be exploited to unlock the Keystore.

This keystore contains sensitive information, such as private keys for certificates. If exploited, attackers could intercept and manipulate data, leading to severe security breaches.

The issue impacts all versions of FileCatalyst Direct up to and including 3.8.10 Build 138, and all versions of FileCatalyst Workflow up to and including 5.1.6 Build 130.

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Users of these versions are strongly advised to take immediate action to mitigate the risk.

Severity and Impact

The vulnerability has been assigned a high severity rating with a CVSS v3.1 score of 7.8.

The score reflects the potential to significantly impact the affected systems’ confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Fortra has provided specific remediation steps to address this vulnerability:

  • FileCatalyst Direct Users: Upgrade to version 3.8.10 Build 144 or higher.
  • FileCatalyst Workflow Users: Upgrade to version 5.1.6 Build 133 or later.

Additionally, for those using the FileCatalyst TransferAgent remotely, it is recommended to update REST calls to “http”.

If “https” is still required, users should generate a new SSL key and add it to the agent keystore.

Fortra has published a detailed knowledge article titled “Action Required by June 18th 2024: FileCatalyst TransferAgent SSL and localhost changes,” which provides further guidance on the necessary actions to secure affected systems.

This vulnerability highlights the critical importance of regular software updates and vigilant security practices.

FileCatalyst Direct and Workflow users are urged to follow Fortra’s recommendations promptly to safeguard their systems against potential exploits.

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