Five Families – Hackers Collaborate to Launch Notorious Cyber Attack

The Five Families unites the underground internet world, adopting the name of the 1950s-60s New York mafia’s Italian-American clans.

This new group of “Five Families” involves five other groups, and here below, we have mentioned the names of those five other groups that are collectively united in this new group:-

  • ThreatSec
  • GhostSec
  • Stormous
  • Blackforums
  • SiegedSec

Recently, the operators behind the Five Families announced that they have managed to breach “Alpha Automation successfully”(http[:]//Alfacomercial[.]com[.]be), a Brazillian software development company.

Five Families’ Hack

In the event of hacking Alpha Automation, the hackers behind Five Families have confirmed that they have managed to breach data amounting to 230GB.

In this data breach, hackers managed to compromise several types of data, and among them, we have mentioned the key ones below:-

  • Customer data
  • Financial information
  • Internal documents
  • Company software

The threat actors have also encrypted the server and the cloud systems of the company. These essential elements have been hacked, as they are used to support and manage the company’s storage system.


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Notification from Five Families

After successfully hacking the company, its internal networks, and its systems, threat actors notified the company about the breach.

In their notification to the company, the hackers’ group justified that to prevent any data leak, the company’s responsible executive manager must take immediate action by contacting the group for data recovery during their data recovery session through their given session ID.

Notification for Buyers

The group members of the Five Families announced that once they get the confirmation, they will put the compromised data on sale if the company doesn’t respond to their notification.

In short, anyone interested in buying the compromised data from them can contact the group at the address provided by the group. Not only that, they have also affirmed that they will provide the data at a low price.

Besides their direct contact address, they have also openly invited interested buyers to reach them through the “BlackForums” platform, where they remain active.

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