Fake Windows 11 Downloader

Microsoft’s new Operating System, Windows 11 is officially set to be released this year. Before the official release, the Scammers are distributing malware and adware made to look like Windows 11.

Kaspersky report says a lot of users visit other sources to download the software, which often contains unadvertised goodies from cybercriminals.

“Although Microsoft has made the process of downloading and installing Windows 11 from its official website fairly straightforward, many still visit other sources to download the software, which often contains unadvertised goodies from cybercriminals (and isn’t necessarily Windows 11 at all). The most straightforward way cybercriminals deceive users is by slipping in something extra.”, according to Anton Ivanov, vice president of threat research at Kaspersky.

How Cybercriminals Deceive Users?

The researchers from Kaspersky explained, there was one executable file called 86307_windows 11 builds 21996.1 x64 + activator.exe., with a file size as large as 1.75GB. According to this file name, one can guess that it has Windows 11 build, and there is something that will automatically activate Windows.

Installers With Fake Windows Activators

It also includes one DLL file that contains a lot of useless information and it looks like a normal installer. This would install some sponsored software. Upon accepting the agreement, then a bunch of malware will be installed on the computer.

Malware can be relatively harmless adware, classified as not-a-virus, to full-fledged Trojans, password stealers, exploits, and other nasty stuff. But viruses can create more issues, and they can be difficult to remove from the machine.

Download Windows 11 from Official Sources Only

“Download Windows 11 from official sources only. So far, Windows 11 is officially available only to participants in the Windows Insider Program — that is, you have to register. You’ll also need a device with Windows 10 already installed”, as Microsoft advises.

Therefore, in most of such attacks, in general, the user whose awareness needs to be enhanced. Microsoft maintains a single way for users to download Windows 11, and if users cannot get into the process right now, it is better to wait than try downloading something that may compromise the PC.

Microsoft recommends utilizing a reliable security solution and never disable it thus cybercriminals cannot gain access to your computer through social engineering or vulnerabilities in the not-ready-for-primetime system.

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