Facebook Added an End-to-End Encrypted for Messengers Audio & Video Call

Nowadays the communication over digital mediums are becoming more common, whether it’s for work, personal, or education. And that’s why the users always seek for secure means to keep all their data private. 

So, to make users feel more secure during their conversations, Facebook has recently announced that it will now start encrypting the voice and video calls on Facebook Messenger. 


Facebook claimed that the primary motive of implementing end-to-end encryption for voice and video calls is to raise the level of protection in conversations between users.

Even Facebook has also affirmed that this protection measure is becoming an industry standard. Apart from this, this type of technology is already widely used in other communication platforms like:-

  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Signal Private Messenger
  • Wire
  • Viber
  • Silence
  • iMessage
  • Line

Moreover, Facebook Messenger already has had end-to-end encryption since 2016, but here the case is only for individual text chats; that’s why the jump from this feature to voice and video calls was the logical step from Facebook. 

What’s New?

Last year Facebook reported more than 150 million calls a day on Messenger, and it’s a huge increase in the use of audio and video calls. So, the extension of the End-to-End encryption feature from text chats to voice and video calls is crucial.

Here are the new features added by Facebook:-

  • Option for end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls: With this new feature, if users choose then they can encrypt their audio and video calls. 
  • Updated controls over Disappearing Messages: In this new option, Facebook has updated the amount of time from 5 seconds to as long as 24 hours before all new messages disappear.

Upcoming news

While at the moment, the end-to-end encryption feature is available for individual calls only. However, Facebook asserted that soon it will begin the incorporation of this feature in group communications of Messenger as well.

Apart from this, Facebook also hinted about the upcoming features, and here they are mentioned below:-

  • End-to-end encrypted group chats and calls in Messenger.
  • Opt-in end-to-end encryption for Instagram DMs.

Apart from this, Facebook also proclaimed that it will soon activate the end-to-end encryption feature for Instagram DMs or direct messages also.

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