Excellent Ideas to Create More Free Space on Mac’s HDD

Lack of disk space is common for Macbook users. The drives do not provide a lot of space, and people struggle to fit everything they want. On the other hand, this little disadvantage is not enough to prevent people from buying Macbooks. 

Macs are as popular as they have ever been. But what can someone inexperienced do to make sure that there is enough space on their Macbook’s hard drive? The article’s ideas should help create a proper strategy and keep the hard drive in good shape.

Idea #1 – Get Rid of Temporary Junk Files

Temporary junk data causes a headache for reasons other than taking disk space. The sheer number of temporary files overburdens Macbook’s system because these files have to be processed. 

Failing to remove temporary junk files regularly is a sign of poor data management on your computer. You need to get in the habit of getting rid of junk data, and there are two methods to do that.

The first method is to get a cleanup utility software and let it do the work for you. The second method is deleting files manually. However, you may delete something accidentally. Therefore, if you decide to not get a cleanup utility software and stick to manual work, create file backups.

Idea #2 – Remove Useless Applications

Some applications that you have not used for a while can be deleted. Look at the list of your apps and think which of them are no longer useful. Deleting an app is simple, and you can redownload and reinstall it if you need to.

The apps themselves might not take the most hard drive space. However, if you are looking to free up your hard drive, then deleting apps should be on the list.

Idea #3 – Delete Unnecessary Language Files

Language pack files are something that not everyone is aware of. Some applications have support for over 50 languages, but most users are content with the English version. They do not need another language.

These language files take a surprising amount of disk space. Look at directories of your applications and find out if any of them have redundant language packs. Delete language files you do not need, and you will have more free drive space.

Idea #4 – Scan for Potential Viruses

Malware and viruses are never a good sign on a computer. Some say that Macbooks are not as prone to cybersecurity threats, but nobody can guarantee that your computer is not affected by a virus or malware.

There are different types of malicious malware, and one of those types is responsible for consuming disk space. You need to have a reliable antivirus as well as an enabled firewall to fortify your computer’s security. Surfing the net via virtual private networks is also a good piece of advice.

Idea #5 – Empty Trash Bin

A simple tip, but one that gets overlooked by some Macbook users. Every file you drag in the Trash Bin should be deleted from there immediately. Otherwise, you are only relocating files instead of deleting them from the computer.

Idea #6 – Delete Email Attachments

Every email attachment you double-click on while using your Mail is saved on the computer by default. The mail folder can grow a lot. You need to be aware of it, especially if the email is your preferred communication method.

A similar thing applies to the download folder. Some people forget about stuff they download from online and have it remain inside the folder. 

Idea #7 – Transfer Data to Clouds or External Storage

Methods other than just deleting everything exist as well. If you want to keep some of your files, why not transfer them to external storage devices or clouds? The latter is free with an option to increase storage by paying and supporting the developers.

As for external storage devices, getting an external hard drive or a few memory sticks is often enough to accommodate your most important data. Even if it costs money, the investment is worth it as you will have peace of mind knowing that your files are safe.

Idea #8 – Delete iTunes Album Artwork

iTunes album artwork tends to take up quite a lot of HDD space. If you ignore artwork, deleting it on iTunes should not be an issue. This is also worth doing because iTunes becomes more responsive while scrolling as artwork is not displayed and does not require system resources.

Idea #9 – Subscribe to Streaming Platforms

Streaming services eliminate the need to keep large media files on the Macbook. Movies, TV shows, and music can be streamed. You can forget about the days of downloading everything. Streaming services allow you to access data with just a few clicks.

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