EDR And MDR: Why The Response Is Just As Crucial As Detection

With consumers and businesses alike facing cyber threats – from negligent business practices to hacking attempts from groups or individuals with ill-intent – cyber security has become a globally recognised issue.

Sophisticated solutions have been developed to combat these threats, are constantly evolving as hackers develop their strategies and weapons. As such, modern businesses have acccess to a endpoint protection platform or individual apps aimed to fight off problems.

Endpoint protection platforms offer both the opportunity to detect and respond to threats. However, not all do that. While being able to detect threats is certainly a crucial part of the process, without the response, said detection worthless, and there are a plethora of ways hackers can get around/bypass basic defences. Let’s jump straight into it and talk about why the response is just as vital as detection when it comes to online security. 

All Bark And No Bite

There are numerous reasons why EDR is important, but perhaps the most notable is that it is able to accurately detect any threats as soon as they arise, and, more importantly, send out a near-instant response to thwart any threats immediately upon arrival.

The second component to this process is absolutely crucial, and without it, you will be more akin to a sitting duck, just watching and waiting for a potential threat to turn into a full-blown catastrophe. This is exactly why the vast majority of detection software is just not going to cut it – without having the ability to do anything about any potential issues, you are pretty much left at the mercy of your circumstances. 

This also has the added effect of acting as less of a preventive measure, being that prospective hackers are likely going to know that you will have no way of defending yourself depending on what software you are using. You can have the most advanced/up-to-date detection technology in the world, but if you are not able to back this up with a strong response, all of this advanced tech will make little to no difference.

Being ill-equipped Can Have Disastrous Consequences

Without the response, detection is almost useless. In fact, you may as well scrap your security system altogether if you do not plan on getting some sort of software that can respond to threats immediately.

One of the prime advantages of EDR and MDR is that they can not only detect threats straight away, but they are also able to send out a response in a matter of seconds. This can help protect you and your interests against any disasters – we have all heard the horror stories of how a once infamous company got brought to its knees by a simple hacker.

Most people drastically underestimate just how punishing a data leak can be, and when you pair this with the fact that the majority of people also assume that their company is not going to be the one that gets hacked, this just becomes all the more detrimental. Trust us. You do not just want to wait around to find out just how devastating a cyber attack can be. If you do, you might not have the chance to bounce back.

Time Is Of The Essence

Hackers are getting better every year that passes. Within just a matter of seconds, a hacker can take everything that a business is worth if they are not able to properly defend themselves, and without the right technology, defending oneself from an attack can be near-impossible.

Listen, your reaction time is not going to be better than that of an advanced breaching software. By the time you know there is an issue, your entire system is likely going to be overwhelmed, and the chances that you will be able to respond in time to make any noticeable difference are slim to none.

This is why tech like EDR and MDR is so important – they are able to send out a response as soon as any threat flares its head. Having a timely response is absolutely crucial when it comes to keeping your affairs safe on the web, and unless you have the reaction time of an advanced computer, then automated solutions are likely going to be your only hope.

We hope we have been able to give you a better idea as to why the response to cyber threats is just as important as detection. Far too many companies focus solely on the latter instead of the former, and as a direct consequence of this, most are left completely vulnerable when any serious security breaches do arise.

If you own an online enterprise you should do everything in your power to stop security threats in their tracks at every opportunity, and if this means spending a small fortune to get your response up to par with your detection, then this is exactly what you are going to have to do if you want to guarantee no harm comes to your company.

As long as you understand the true nature of just how vicious cyber attacks can be, you will soon come to rectify any weak points in your framework.

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