French Dad Takes nearby Town Internet Down to Prevent his Kids Going Online

A hefty fine has been imposed recently by ANFR on a French dad due to which he faced jail time. In this event, the alleged dad used a signal jammer to stop his kids from using the internet.

But, the fun fact here happened accidentally is that along with his kids he also prevented the rest of a nearby town down, in short, due to the use of a signal jammer the nearby town internet also become down.


During the analysis, it has been detected that every day starting at midnight and until 3 AM the area cellular and internet service become unavailable.

However, in France, a public agency is responsible for supervising the radioelectric spectrum, and here to block radio frequencies in the town the signal jammers are used.

What Happened?

Here’s what the experts at ANFR stated:-

“The jammer had been installed by the father of the family to prevent his teenagers from accessing the internet with their smartphone instead of falling asleep! His children had indeed become addicted to social networks and other applications, in particular since the confinement imposed due to the epidemic of Covid-19.”

Initially, this incident was identified when a technician was on the formal round in a neighboring town, and during his round, he identified the jamming signal that link to a house in the town.

Apart from this, ANFR has claimed that during the identification, the owner of the home where the jammer has been found has admitted that he has purchased the jammer to prevent his kids from going online.

Penalty & Fine

Moreover, it’s been already clear that the father of those kids didn’t mean to down the town internet service, as his intention was to stop his kids from going online.

But, in France jamming any device is illegal and that’s why the French father faced 6 months in jail and a hefty fine of €30,000. And not only that even USA the marketing or use of a jammer could land you in jail and make you pay a significant amount of fines.

While currently the jammer that is in question has been already seized by the officials of ANFR and asserted that they are doing their further investigation.

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