Cloudflare zero-trust Tool

Cloudflare is excited to announce that Cloudflare Browser Isolation is now available within Cloudflare for Teams suite of zero trust security and secure web browsing services as an add-on.

Teams of any size from startups to large enterprises can benefit from reliable and safe browsing without changing their preferred web browser or setting up complex network topologies.

“Everyone uses a web browser, and that makes it the perfect target for attackers all over the world,”

“We don’t believe that the most effective protection to these attacks should be restricted to a handful of large companies with huge IT teams. Cloudflare Browser Isolation can be deployed by anyone in just a few clicks and automatically protects against the majority of threats people face online.”, commented Matthew Prince, Cloudflare CEO.

All Internet-connected organization relies on web browsers to operate: accepting transactions, engaging with customers, or working with sensitive data. The very act of clicking a link triggers your web browser to download and execute a large bundle of unknown code on your local device.

IT organizations can protect their users and data from unknown threats without over-blocking every potential risk, by shifting the burden of executing untrusted code from the user’s device to a remote isolated browser.

Cloudflare Browser Isolation is built on top of Chromium (the same engine that powers other popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Brave Browser). This, combined with the novel Network Vector Rendering technique, ensures that web pages are safely and consistently rendered even as web technologies evolve and become more complex.

One of the advantages of using Browser Isolation is it reduces the local web browser’s burden downloading modern web pages.

According to the FCC, nearly 30 million Americans do not have access to broadband Internet (source). Modern websites are not optimised for low bandwidth connections typically requiring the download of hundreds of objects.

Cloudflare’s remote browsers are connected to the backbone of the Internet and able to consistently download websites at broadband speeds, levelling the field for users on low-bandwidth Internet connections.

Browser Isolation products are typically implemented either as add-on network appliances (such as a virtual machine or firewall box) or by changing the user’s preferred browser.

As an add-on network appliance, IT teams need to piece together multiple disparate solutions (even when offered by the same vendor). This leads to unnecessary complexity within the network and disparate interfaces for controlling policy configurations and monitoring threats.

Cloudflare Browser Isolation integrates natively into Cloudflare for Teams, delivering a consolidated view of all network and isolated traffic. Just like how you can use Gateway to allow / block traffic based on content categories, or security threats you can also define Isolation policies to dynamically isolate websites based on identity, security threats or content.

Future of Internet Browsing is Remote Browsing

Businesses and Organizations should shift the burden of executing untrusted code from the user’s device to a remote isolated browser.

You can now protect your business from browser-based security threats without changing your web browsers or networks. The time for reliable and responsive Remote Browser Isolation technology is NOW.

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Gurubaran is a Security Consultant, Security Editor & Co-Founder of Cyber Security News & GBHackers On Security.