ChatGPT-Powered Malware Analysis

In November 2022, OpenAI launched ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot. It’s based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 family of big language models, and users interact with it via queries.

An interactive online malware analysis sandbox ANY.RUN has recently introduced a new AI-driven detection approach.

This new functionality, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, will provide a different way to determine whether a file is malicious, allowing you to save time, optimize resources, and concentrate on essential aspects of the work.

Benefits of the New AI-Driven Detection Approach

Expanded Data will be the primary component. Each task has a ChatGPT analysis section determining whether the sample is malicious, suspicious, or benign.

The section shall thoroughly describe how the conclusion was reached, what makes the code harmful, and how indications were employed to ensure maximum clarity.

Detailed AI-driven process, connection, and rule analysis allow you to concentrate on particular components and the overall work overview. Mark the procedures, regulations, or other features you are interested in, and a unique report is provided focusing on these objects.

New AI-Driven Approach
New AI-Driven Approach

In all reports, an AI-driven review will automatically appear. However, the ChatGPT icon may be next to essential elements such as processes, rules, and connections. A unique AI-generated explanation about that element will be included when you click on it.

These inquiries are safely stored, allowing you to access previous questions for future use. Using this function to prevent repeating previously completed searches may save time and effort.

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Analyzing any suspicious attachment or URL in a free interactive malware sandbox like ANY.RUN can instantly provide you with a conclusive verdict.

ANY.RUN AI prioritizes the processes or events with the highest score or those deemed suspect in scenarios with numerous processes or events, enabling you to direct your attention where it is most required.

AI will evaluate your system’s overall process tree or a specific process you choose, look for suspicious activity, and provide you with a report.

ChatGPT feature in ANY.RUN
Report by ChatGPT

Further, it will scan the command-line data and produce a report with probable signs of malicious behavior. Suricata rules that have been triggered are evaluated by AI, which provides a clear explanation of what this can signify for your security.

AI provides a thorough report highlighting potential hazards after reviewing HTTP connection data. Identify unusual changes or activities in the registry and spot potentially harmful actions with AI.

ChatGPT may be used to inspect your system’s Mutex objects and look for unusual use patterns.

As a result, the new ChatGPT-powered analysis method simplifies complicated information and ideas and offers concise, useful summaries. 

This will assist you in saving time, using resources more effectively, and concentrating on essential aspects of your work, including incident investigation, research, or threat response.

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